2016 Tech Devices – A Review of Samsung S7, Go Pro Karma Drone

Article written (with images provided) by: Blaine Kelton

I think we can all agree that the tech world is getting a little bit ridiculous, but of course we are curious to know what the top 2016 tech devices will be. These companies are starting to produce new products and ideas so quickly that we’re not even sure we want them yet, and it’s been reflected in the sales of some recent innovations. For instance, smart watch sales aren’t going that well, nobody uses Apple Pay, and when was the last time you talked to someone who was excited about the 3D television he just installed in his living room?

Frankly, there’s a lot of fun to be had these days nitpicking at tech releases, which are either bland spinoffs of existing merchandise or elaborate attempts at sparking new industries that fall flat. That said, there are still plenty of pretty cool and interesting products being introduced on a regular basis, and the 2016 tech devices will offer no exception. Based on CES 2016 and some early news regarding the year ahead, we may actually be in for a pretty influential year in personal tech devices. So, silliness of annual personal tech advancement aside, here’s a look at three products you may actually want this year.

Top 2016 Tech Devices

GoPro Karma Drone

go pro karma drone Tech Montreal travel wanderlust 2016 tech devices

Onto the launch of other 2016 tech devices, I’m going to start with a kind of wacky one. Here’s the deal, folks: you don’t need a drone. At all. In fact, owning one is almost a little bit creepy (refer to the South Park episode “The Magic Bush” for why). That said, owning a drone is also a lot of fun. And instead of going for one that’s trying to get by latching a cheap camera to itself, why not go directly to the primary name in personal action footage? GoPro is expected to release its own 4K camera-equipped quad drone later this year, and judging by footage at The Verge, it’s going to be pretty awesome. As always when watching GoPro footage, try to keep in mind that you are in all likelihood not an extreme sports professional or world explorer who might create similar videos on a day-to-day basis.

Samsung Galaxy S7

galaxy s7 Samsung Tech SmartPhone Device 2016 Tech Devices

This one’s a little more basic, and before I get started let me acknowledge that at a glance the S7 nearly falls into the “why bother?” category of tech advancement. That is to say there’s no outwardly apparent change in design, and it’s not clear that it’s doing a whole lot we haven’t seen with recent smartphones.

However, according to Verizon Wireless, there are actually some specs to this new Samsung phone that ought to be of interest to a lot of smartphone users. The camera has changed, the battery power is improved, and it runs on Marshmallow (Android 6.0), to name a few improvements. But perhaps most importantly, this new phone will be able to withstand some contact with water, which means unlike the Galaxy S6 or your latest iPhone, you won’t have to go scrambling through your pantry for old, uncooked rice when you accidentally spill water near it or drop it in the toilet for a second. Sometimes, the best tech upgrades are the simplest.

Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Tech CES Conference Google 2016 Tech Devices

Finally, let’s close out the discussion with the product that’s likely going to define the year in tech. CES 2016 was overflowing with news and demonstrations involving virtual reality headsets, and it seems as if we’re finally in the year of VR. That means at long last you can stop distracting yourself from the real world by merely looking at a screen and actually trick your mind into thinking you’ve left reality altogether!

But on a more serious note, Oculus Rift looks to have the inside track in the early development of this market. As Business Insider reminded us, this device was promising enough for Mark Zuckerberg to shell out $2 billion for Facebook to acquire Oculus, and the Rift now seems to have the “best chance of bringing virtual reality to the masses.” This bad boy might legitimately transform the nature of gaming.

There you have it. I maintain that tech is evolving at a pace that’s almost become comical, and the result is that a lot of major innovations just aren’t necessary. But from skyward cameras to everyday smartphones to virtual reality devices, there are still plenty of products that are actually worth getting excited about. These three make the cut.

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