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Peeble smart watch tech gift ideas

Today is the second last day before Christmas, and if you’re reading this there’s a pretty good chance that you are a last minute shopper. Ever since wearables and smart technology became the hot new fad on the block, they have been growing like crazy. While it is last minute, we have a list of 5 tech and wearable gift ideas to share with you.

Wearables for Pets | Tractive

tractive pet GPS tracking Montreal tech Wearable Gift Ideas

In 2016 alone the market opened up to some pretty diverse options, some of which include tracking devices for your pets! We’ll buy them for ourselves, so why not extend the wearable gifting to the fur ball in your life? Tractive is available online.

The Hot Mess | Trackr Bravo

Trackr Tech item tracker Wearable Gift Ideas
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Gone are the days of losing your keys and other commonly misplaced items of high importance. Trackr Bravo is a tech gadget that allows you to keep track of important items with GPS locator tracking, so you don’t waste time searching for those house keys when you’re running late!

Lady Gadgets | Ringly

Tried on one of these beauties today 😍😍😍 probably by far one of my favourite moments of the #WebSummit so far. #Ireland #fashion #design #Quartz #jewelry #tech #nerd #ringly #wearabletech #wearableart #wearableawesomeness #blogger #press #mediaevent #bbloggersca

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While we firmly believe that wearables shouldn’t be gender specific, it’s nice to have options that are tailored to specific looks. It comes as no surprise that most wearables aren’t known to be particularly flattering (Fitbit, Apple Watch) and it’s unlikely that you would wear them for a night out on the town, or to a gala (perish the thought!). Thanks to advancements in technology and partnerships with design-savvy minds, there are two gorgeous options that should please even the most fickle fashionista.

Ringly is a smart accessory that synchs with your smartphone, and delivers notifications for the people, messages, emails and phone calls that matter most to you. When it comes to wearable gift ideas suitable for the lady-friend in your life, trust us when we say that she will love this.


Peeble smart watch tech Wearable Gift Ideas
Peeble Smart Watch

The world’s lightest, thinnest, most sleek smartwatch to date is possibly the most versatile wearable gift ideas on our list. Peeble comes in a variety of styles, so you can finally bid your bulky Fitbit farewell and stay smart in style.

G33k | BB 8 Droid

Star Wars The Force Awakens BB-8 app enabled droid

Suitable for the basement-dweller who only surfaces for Comiccon, Star Wars movie premiers and cameo appearances during family dinners. No, you cannot wear this item, but it makes a great little companion! Available at Best Buy @ $149.00 USD

There’s a little something here for everyone, and if you stay patient & wait until boxing day, these prices may drop. Happy shopping!

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