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We are officially in the heart of summer, and it’s pretty safe to say there’s one thing on all of our minds.

Vacation time!

Those who will be traveling with their partner are all too familiar with the nuisance of doubling up on beauty products (see: men’s vs. women’s), and the frustration it causes when you forget something.

Well, we have your solution right here on Nudabite!

In recent news, coverage has surfaced about the pink tax and how companies mark up price points for products targeted towards women. Fortunately, some companies are democratizing skin care products by making them gender neutral. Montreal-based Appia is one of these.

Appia is sold online – and is used during services at Spa Nomad. They use all-natural ingredients from plants local to the Quebec region and are sold online.

Nudabite X Appia

We recently teamed up with Appia to give away 3 products to one lucky reader! 

Contest Rules

In order to qualify and enter the contest, you must complete the following:
Follow @nudabite and @appiaskincare on Instagram
‘Like’ the picture posted on Nudabite’s Instagram

The Prize

NORDIQUE 10.1 Canadian Minerals Tonic Mist (8 oz.) with refillable labeled travel size.

The Canadian Minerals Tonic Mist is a must-have beauty item for everyone. It’s compatible with every skin type, and useful year-round.
This fresh, fragrant mist revives, hydrates and tones; leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized. There is no limit to the uses you will find for Mineralized Tonic Mist!

What it’s good for:

  • Spray on after washing your face to minimize the appearance of pores and remove any trace of makeup or impurities.
  • Use it to soothe the skin after shaving.
  • As a quick no-rinse cleanser
  • Extreme seasonal temperature changes: A quick spritz and you will feel clean and refreshed.
  • Post-flight refresher for dehydrated skin – and a perfect boost for your jet-lag.
  • Perfect to boost curls or give hair a beach-wave look.

ÉCLAT 20.3 White Spruce Foaming Cleanser (7.1 oz.) with refillable labeled travel size
This Energizing Foam Cleanser is light as air and cleans the skin thoroughly,
without leaving any residue behind. You are one pump away from revitalized skin!

How to use it:

  • Apply the foam to the face and neck, rinse off with water.
  • Replace your shaving cream with some Energizing Foam Cleanser (on the face or body.)
  • Use as a body wash (soft and gentle enough to be used by children.)

LUXE 30.1 Cranberry Seeds Face Oil (2 oz.)
You’ll only need a few drops of LUXE face oil to nourish, hydrate and restore your skin.
It is a must-have to prevent signs of aging, reduce swelling and brighten over-all skin tone.

How to use it:

LUXE face oil is a versatile product you’ll want to take with you everywhere!

    • Use as a moisturizer, day or night, at home or on the go.
    • Add a few drops to your regular moisturizer for extra hydration and radiance.
    • Apply directly to the face to soothe after shaving. It works wonderfully in combination with the Mineralized Tonic Mist.
    • A few drops will smooth split ends, hydrate cuticles and even give a little oomph to your tan.

Contest deadline:

Friday July 10th!!

Good luck to all of our participants!!

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