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Home: a sacred place where we cultivate a peaceful environment. Forever breathing life into a Pinterest-perfect vision to reflect the vibrance and character of its inhabitants. No doubt we have tried it all; from Feng shui to embracing minimalism in hopes of achieving that magazine-worthy ‘zen’ vibe.

We recently visited a local furniture company that imports unique, exotic woods and fell in love with the entire showroom. When fine furniture has a story to tell, it adds incredible value. According to the owners at Artemano, the home is an “escape” and “daily life is the most beautiful journey.” Given the international vibe behind each furnishing, this couldn’t be truer to their brand. Each piece is crafted from high-quality exotic woods which hail from around the globe, which include: Mango, Acacia, Rosewood, Suar, and the endangered Teak.

What’s unique about Artemano’s use of teak, is that they use recycled teak, or reclaimed materials. So no teak trees are being cut down for production. In addition, the remaining teak stumps are being used to create pieces that are full of character, without affecting the few remaining trees on the planet.


Artemano 2 seated table


Beyond simple furnishings, our creations bring to light the organic beauty of wood. Pairing unique handcrafted pieces of furniture with new owners to capture and express who they are is a privilege that we cherish every day.


Artemano Toronto Montreal
Shimon: Co-owner of Artemano
Artemano Toronto Montreal
Eyal: Co-owner of Artemano

During our visit to the St. Laurent street location in Montreal’s plateau, we instantly fell in love with the pieces on display. After chatting with their friendly staff and snapping a few photos, we discovered that Shimon takes in interest in photography. We were particularly intrigued by the story behind the mango tree.


Artemano Mango Wood Night Tables
Mango Wood Night Tables


Once the tree can no longer produce fruit, it is no longer considered to be of much use. At this stage, the trees are cut down to be used as raw materials to create furniture. Mango trees are considered to be a sustainable alternative as furniture wood. Neat!


Photography on display at Artemano by co-owner Shimon
Photography on display at Artemano by co-owner Shimon


The following Q&A was done with Shimon Finkelstien, to gain a deeper understanding of the vision behind Artemano. This interview answers questions that may circulate among our fellow environmentalist readers. Those of you who are always on the look-out for cutting-edge brands and companies who deliver quality products, while creating a minimal impact on the environment – look no further.

JN: Is environmental sustainability an important factor in your business model?

SF: Nature is our guide. Environmental sustainability is an important factor that helps guide the business decisions made at Artemano, from what types of woods we work with to the craftsmen we work with.
Artemano Bedroom


JN: I understand that you take an interest in photography. Where in the world was your favourite place to shoot?

SF: I find beauty in all the places I am fortunate enough to visit. I absolutely love India and Thailand, but it is impossible for me to pick a favourite, as they all have their own magic qualities.

JN: Which pieces should we expect to see in your home, and why?

SF: When we design our collections and when we go on buying trips for Artemano, we do it as if we were shopping for our own homes. We don’t bring pieces that don’t touch us and that we wouldn’t have in our own homes. That said, you could expect to see a mix of different woods and a mix of antique and contemporary pieces, designed to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere at home.

Artemano Dinning Room

JN: Given that teak is a rare type of wood, how difficult is it to recover the remaining ‘stumps’ from trees that have already been cut down?

SF: The teak wood we typically use is recycled. It is reclaimed from a variety of places: old buildings, door frames, homes, etc.

JN: The reclaimed wood that is used in several of your furniture pieces creates a beautiful mosaic for each piece. Do you feel that more businesses should follow a similar method?

SF: Using recycled and reclaimed materials is always a great option when possible, in our opinion. The recycled and repurposed woods that we use in creating some of our furniture is not only a more eco-responsible option, the wood exudes character; it tells a beautiful story of a life lived.
Artemano Wooden Bed
Re-purposed wood panels from Thai fishing ships that have been re-created into a headboard.

JN: I’m sure it’s tough to choose, but which is your favourite wood?

SF: I truly do not have a favourite. I simply love the raw beauty of wood. Each variety has it’s own unique grain, knots, and imperfections, making each variety beautiful in its own right.

JN: How far have you travelled to discover new and interesting raw materials?

SF: I have travelled throughout South East Asia to discover different raw natural materials. That said, I would travel as far as needed if I hear about an eco-responsible and sustainable supply.

Artemano Low-Seated Coffee Table

JN: Is it difficult to stay competitive in this industry?

SF: Our philosophy is that we must constantly be pushing our own limits. Looking forward and constantly evolving in how we bring nature into people’s homes with the purpose of reconnecting people to where we came from and creating spaces that are conducive to relaxation, rejuvenation, and general well-being. This is what we focus on rather than what other people are doing within the industry. This keeps us competitive.

JN: Being based in both Montreal and Toronto, would you say that there’s a difference in ‘taste’ between the two cities?

SF: Some types of items are more popular in a given market, however we stay true to our concept, so you will find the same style and types of pieces in both cities. We have found that staying true to what we do, rather than conforming with a given city’s ‘taste’, allows people an unfiltered view into what we do and why. We have been very fortunate that our values and philosophies resonate and are shared by so many people.

If you are curious to know more about the inspiration behind Artemano, visit the blog section on their website. You will also find a helpful Q&A section that should answer any design questions that you may have.

Every day in your home should be a getaway. We couldn’t agree more!

Perhaps it’s time that you paid a visit to Artemano yourself, so you can become inspired to turn your home into a vacation paradise.

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