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artisti per frescobaldi

The Art scene and the practice of winemaking have long been seen throughout history. There is more than just buying a bottle at your local liquor store, or observing a tableau at the museum. For both of these works, there must be soul behind the result.

The 21st century allows for endless combinations and possibilities to promote an organic way to expose both Art and Wine as not only symbols of refinement but also as vessels that nurture growth and promote talent, especially where advancement and recognition are byproducts of the competitive nature of both industries.

In 2012, Tiziana Frescobaldi of the Frescobaldi family, a family heritage dating back to the Renaissance of Florence, inaugurated the Artisti Per Frescobaldi Award. Championing contemporary artists of today, Artisti Per Frescobaldi bridges the disciplines of art and wine while promoting the multidisciplinary works of our generation’s creative geniuses. Tying the history of the Frescobaldi name, the prestige of being selected among the three names represented each year is of high honor to not only the individual but to the country they represent.

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The most recent edition of the Artisti Per Frescobaldi in 2014, selected two German contemporary artists Jorinde Voight and Michael Sailstorfer, and one Italian film artist Yuri Ancarani. All three of the three selected artists were brought to the Castello di Nipozzano, the historic estate of the Frescobaldi family. Inspired by their surroundings, each infused the images and emotions they experienced into the entries sent for judging.

Its is important to note that there is not only a prestige of winning the award each year (the 2014 winner was declared as German artist Michael Sailstorfer) but that each creates an art piece that is replicated as a label for a selected wine by the Frescobaldi family. 999 bottles are made for each edition, while 333 are designated to each artist with their label. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of the wine will go to the support of another young artist, for the 2014 edition, a part of the proceeds of the sales of the bottles was donated to Kunstlerhaus Bethanien, a cultural centre known at the international level: this fund was used to support the residency of an Italian artist at the institute.

Artisti Per Frescobaldi is an award that serves to bridge the gap between yesterday’s history, and today’s modern spirit while tapping into the creative power of the now generation. The support for young artists is something that should be well encouraged, and it is admirable for such a historic family to take it into their hands, as Tiziana Frescobaldi has. Bravo!


The 2016 edition of the Artisti Per Frescobaldi is in progress and will announce its winner on October 21, 2016, at the GAM in Milan. The 2016 edition also features two American artists alongside one Italian representative, all vying for this year’s prize, the works will be on display until November 6th.

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