Atame – Tie Me Up and Feed Me


Article and photography by: Jessica Nudo.


Last thursday I had the joy and pleasure of checking out Atame – a new sexy-hot-spot on Montreal’s classic plateau (and conveniently located within walking distance from mi casa).


Atame photos

Atame is an aphrodisiac-esque restaurant which combines tastefully selected love bites – sights, sounds, tastes and fragrances – that will take you on a deliciously sensual journey. The carefully selected ingredients and gourmet taste combinations are said to awaken your sensual side.
Do I have your attention yet?

Here’s a run down of the menu we had the pleasure of tasting that night.

Sexy combos

The flavour combination of the oysters (passion fruit and lychee) was unlike anything I’ve experienced before. And cocktails? Absolutely fantastic. I sampled the Love Potion and Old Fashioned (as suggested by the bartender) and they were sublime. The Old Fashioned was carefully ‘smoked’ the old fashioned way (hardy-har) by turning the glass upside-down and elevating a lit mini cigar inside the glass.

Smoking the glass Atame stylesFood presentation was lovely, on point and the staff were quite helpful, which was refreshing (as we all know how tough it can be to find good service in this city, at times…) so bonus points for that.
Alright, now for the menu. Let me break it down for you:


After sampling the taro chips and oysters (served during the reception) we were treated to a few delectable canapes. I enjoyed the beef tartar combined with cocoa and tonka beans (a taste similar to vanilla with a hint of cinnamon). The crab balls were super tasty and well displayed with a side of coleslaw- and the coconut scallops? To die for. Also- I’m not sure that there are many vegetarian friendly options, so that’s something to keep in mind for those of you with dietary restrictions.
Atame photos-4
Atame photos-5
Atame photos-6


Our main courses consisted of: quail with black truffle sauce and arugula, duck breast with fig reduction on a bed of quinoa with a bed of blackberry topped greens, lobster tagliatelle with fresh peas, basil and lemon zest (om nom nom)  and a fillet mignon SO tender – you could cut it with a butter knife.

Atame photos-7

Atame photos-8


Chocolate brownies with salted caramel and Amarula milk shake.


Atame photos-9

Oh…KAY! I need a cigarette.

After three sexy courses, I won’t lie – I was feeling quite amorous by the end of the evening. Now while I didn’t send out any love-drunk texts, I may have considered looking into a little digital black book.

Don’t believe me? Take the Nuda-challenge and try it for yourself!


Atame is located at 351 Duluth est. (corner of Drolet) You can call to book a reservation at 514.667.5848 or visit them online or check them out and like them on Facebook.

A BIG thank you to Jillian and her team of P.R stars from Tracey Brooke Public Relations who organized this lovely event.

Atame Jillian TBPR


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