B.Cycle Montreal Spinning and Barre Studio

Say hello to Montreal’s newest, coolest spinning studio B.Cycle, their message is simple:


B. Welcomed
B. Inspired
B. Motivated
B. Thrilled

B.Cycle opened its doors last Tuesday to give media an exclusive look inside the über modern fitness studio. Steely grey tones, clean white, and fresh springy green with wooden accents in the barre studio made for a more than inviting first impression. The staff was super friendly and the instructors – darling.

All B.Cycle staff and the lovely team at 1milk2sugars PR were decked out in Cory Vines apparel. Fitness has never looked so inviting, or stylish!

I had a good chat with the instructors (as I sipped on my wine), and learned a few things while I was at it. For starters, B.Cycle is the first spinning studio in Quebec that offers performance-tracking spinning classes, and they use carefully selected music and unique lighting to create fun and challenging workouts – guaranteed to get your wheels spinning! Their high-energy team will keep you motivated and help you to get in – or stay in shape.

Barre classes are offered to compliment high-intensity spin workouts, to provide body balance with core strength building workouts. Talk about a complete fitness routine. Oh, and did I mention that the first class is free…? Yaaaasss!!


Cory Vines B.Cycle Montreal Girls Stretching Yoga Barre Fitness Nudabite Sports Sports wear Grey
Don’t you want to workout with this bunch? I do!



Since the event was an open house for media, B.Cycle welcomed collaborations with other health-minded Canadian companies, such as; Cory Vines athletic apparel, Cult Yogurt, and Rejuice! health bar.

If there’s something that I love more than fitness made fun, it’s a solid collabo with equally rad companies.


Cory Vines on display. Hello good lookin’



Having a chat with the lovely Joanna, owner of Rejuice!



Cult Yogurt B.Cycle Montreal
Cult Yogourt is the best yogourt!


Next Level Fitness

To give you an idea of what you should expect or what to prepare for, it’s basically this:

  • Workouts last 45 minutes
  • Targeting weight loss and muscle toning
  • Improved cardio health and flexibility
  • low-impact, but still a full body workout
  • Group training – but don’t go overboard – Set your own pace
  • Individualized performance tracking for indoor cycling
  • First (and only!) studio that offers both indoor cycling and barre

They rent out special shoes for the spinning classes, so all you need to do it show up ready to workout (or get changed when you arrive). Since they supply you with a water bottle, a towel and bag for your sweaty workout gear, you can pack light!

Seriously, what’s not to love about this place? Consider me Nudahooked!



Visit B.Cycle at:

601 rue de la Gauchetière west (in the financial district)



What are you waiting for? Get cracking!


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