Bohemian Chic Bal En Blanc 2016 with One Drop

Bal en Blanc 2016 Montreal White Party Rave Nightclub Nightlife

Calling all music fans, art lovers and do-gooders: Bal en Blanc 2016 is all about that collective lifestyle.
This year will make for the 22nd edition of the annual music party, with a theme in line with what you would expect to see at modern day music festivals. This years hippy chic  – drew inspiration from travels (think burning man, art basel, Coachella).

Bal en Blanc 2016 – A New Frontier

Brandon Marek started in the industry 10 years ago, so you can imagine he’s no stranger to the electronic music scene (Produkt acquired the licence and brand this year). “We want people to experience this event outside of just music — but rather creating a dialogue between art music and fashion — to build a lifestyle event that brings people together.”

One Drop Moment by 45 DEGREES

Be sure to visit the dream catcher stage by heineken at 12:30 am for the One Drop Moment — a 30 minute show with 45 degrees. This show was created by 45 DEGREES to showcase this collaboration and provide attendees with a taste of what’s to come in 2017 — with plans to export this concept around the world. The 22nd annual event  whose mission is to provide access to safe water in communities worldwide, along with the participation of 45 DEGREES Cirque du Soleil’s Events and Special Projects company. Together, they are turning the world-renowned Bal en Blanc festival into a benefit event to help make safe water available to all.

Hippy Chic Bohemian Theme

The bohemian style is synonymous with art, fashion and music — making it a solid theme to roll with for Bal en Blanc 2016. The style is relevant, current and totally in line with the message for this years event. The vibe behind Bal en Blanc 2016 is urban, cultural and artistic, and the organizers hope to inspire the crowd to gather and share a passion of life through music.

Of course if they wish to leave their mark, guests will be invited to sign in on a welcome board to their share hopes, dreams and love on canvas once they enter the garden to experience the art, or go left or right to the stages.

Artists and Art Instillations

The artistic and creative talents of Station 16 are deeply infused in this edition of Bal en Blanc. The artists created visuals, different installations and exhibits. Art instillations have been presented by students across Canada, and the finalists will be featured tomorrow.

Bottles of Montreal’s very own Romeos Gin will be on display, featuring some local Canadian artistic craftsmanship.

The Lineup

  • Afrojack
  • Aly & Fila
  • Black Coffee
  • Carlo Lio
  • Deorro
  • DJ Sneak
  • Emma Hewitt
  • Gareth Emery
  • Jonas Blue
  • Lee Foss
  • Mark Knight
  • Mark Sixma
  • Shaun Frank
  • Sultan + Shepard
  • Technasia

One thing is for certain: Bal en Blanc 2016 will be like no other. So come out and join us on the dance floor to celebrate art, life, fashion and music!

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