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Bossing up the book Samantha Kris Montreal Entrepreneur
Samantha Kris gives a presentation on how to channel your inner Boss.

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of attending the Bossing Up Pop-Up. As the name would suggest, the crowd was made up of some pretty boss people, ranging from stay at home moms making the most of maternity leave to start a side hustle, to well-established entrepreneurs who’ve been in the game for years. This event wasn’t just for entrepreneurs, though. This event was targeted to anyone and everyone seeking motivation and support in bringing their badassness to the next level.

The Bossing Up Pop-Up was the first event of its kind. Though you wouldn’t know it when you walked in, the cinq à sept/conference hybrid originated as a book signing for the launch of Success Coach Samantha Kris’ new book, Bossing Up. However, true to the nature of the book and the Bossing Up community, it evolved into so much more. The book brought people together but it was obvious that this wasn’t a promotional play, this was a community-led event for the members, by the members. The pop-up gave local businesses the opportunity to promote themselves, products, and services. It also provided guests a place to meet in person, share ideas and resources, as well as discover ways they could help each other grow. The vibe in that room was unlike anything we’ve ever experienced. The realness, creativity, and support was unreal, which was particularly evident during the screening of her Bossing Up Manifesto, a personal declaration found at the end of the book.

The event was held at Galerie MV, a modern art gallery in NDG that just opened, which is an extension of the staple neighborhood vegetarian restaurant, Mouton Vert. The simplistic elegance of the venue had jaws dropping from the moment people walked through the door. The white walls and black frames matched the cover of Bossing Up perfectly, it’s as if they were designed in unison. Between the sun shining outside and the lemon ginger cocktails inside, it felt like summer. Finally.

A Q&A with Samantha Kris

Amidst all the networking, motivational talks from the sponsors, and great food, we had a chance to sit down with the woman who made it happen and asked her a few questions.

What made you decide to write a book?

Samantha: So many things went into deciding to write a book. First and foremost, it was a goal that I wanted to achieve for a long time. I wanted to achieve it before I turned thirty, and with only one year to spare, it was about time to get cracking. I also had a conversation with my business coach about my long-term business plan and vision of becoming a speaker and sharing the REAL goal methodology, which I developed, on a large scale. REAL goals have earned me five promotions in five years, doubled my salary, and enabled me to run a successful coaching practice. My coach’s advice was to write book; “everyone can be a coach, but not everyone is an author”. So I got started and didn’t stop until it was done.

Why share the spotlight of such an important milestone?

Samantha: The Book Bossing Up is all about elevating your inner boss. It’s about being better today than you were yesterday and helping others to do the same. I have had so much help and support on my journey–it is integral to the Bossing Up brand. As such, it was important to me for this event to reflect the people who made it happen, and to create an opportunity for those same people to meet each other and continue making magic happen.

How do you feel about the turnout of the event?

Samantha: The event is everything that I could have asked for. I look around and see people laughing, engaging in real conversations with genuine interest, exchanging business cards and ideas… it is literally a dream come true. Sometimes online groups and communities are hard to gauge but today’s turnout is proof that Bossing Up is not just a Facebook group, it is the fuel that keeps our fire burning bright, and it’s within all of us.

Visit Samantha online to learn more, and if you’d like to learn how to set REAL goals of your own, register for Samantha’s class at Grind Atelier, October 26th.

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