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There are three problems you’ll find with most marketing books nowadays. First, they are often stretched. While starting of with some bit of substance, it is eventually spread across too many pages so thinly that you would have been better served if it were a blog post instead of a book.

brian rotsztein content marketing expert
Brian Rotsztein is a popular Internet marketing strategist and CEO of Uniseo, a boutique web design and online marketing company.

Second, they often don’t make their audience clear. Marketing tactics and strategies aren’t one-size fits all. Some are suitable for small or medium-sized businesses, and some are for the big guys. That’s perfectly acceptable. If a company has the resources necessary to tackle larger-scale marketing endeavours then by all means shoot for the stars. But if you don’t have the means to hire full-time employees to manage your business’ marketing needs then it’s wasted effort reading through 500 pages essentially advertising high-end commercial products or requiring a dedicated staff to accomplish lauded objectives proven successful by fortune 1000s.

Third (and most aggravating to white hat marketers), is the promotion of methods and techniques that focus on gaming consumers. Treating them like walking bags of money that could make you successful if only they could be manipulated is – frankly – insulting.

It is the sort of book that encourages you to consider the what, how and why of your online marketing goals.

We’re all consumers. The dissociative disorder that many marketers have where they are somehow puppet-masters making unsuspecting people behave in a way they might normally not, is not the tone the rest of us want to set for our industry.

Content Marketing To The Rescue!

Thankfully, Content Marketing Ideas by Brian Rotsztein commits none of these transgressions. It is chocked full of practical information, accessible for smaller and larger businesses, and concentrates on marketing practices that require providing actual value to consumers.

This isn’t the sort of book you pick up at the airport to kill time until boarding. It is the sort of book that encourages you to consider the what, how and why of your online marketing goals. Regularly you are likely to find yourself stopping to take stock of your existing efforts or explore new options and tools suggested within its pages.

By then end, you’ll find that the seemingly ambitious subtitle  of 400+ Tips for Your SEO and Social Media Strategy is actually a humble understatement of the useful information it contains (maybe it should have said Innumerable Tips instead). “Tips” also doesn’t convey the fact that Content Marketing Ideas is simultaneously an excellent introduction to and reference for content marketing in general.

Proposing a New Way of Thinking About Online Marketing

There are so many coined marketing terms these days that are really just tactics (e.g., push notification marketing, drip marketing, location-based marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, and so on) that it can be difficult to know what is actually relevant. Luckily, Rotsztein’s book addressed content marketing in a way that makes you realize what is really is: a was of thinking, of making decisions as to what should be pursued. Really, it’s a marketing philosophy. This extra step truly makes this one of the best business books covering Internet marketing compelling you to take your marketing to the next level.

In the end, of all the books you’re likely to read this year about online marketing Content Marketing Ideas should definitely be on your list. Brian Rotsztein has obviously put a significant amount of care and attention into every one of its sections. It is refreshing to see someone who preaches about value actually providing it.

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