The Converse II Chuck Taylor Meets Nike Comfort

Converse II Chuck Taylors

For the longest time I couldn’t understand the world’s obsession with Converse – Chuck Taylor. While the growing popularity of these shoes throughout my teen years did peak my curiosity, I never actually owned a pair until just a few years ago. While they are stylish and versatile, I never found them to be particularly comfortable. You might say that I suffer from ‘Goldilocks’ syndrome, or maybe my feet are just particular. Either way, this news just broke that Converse is teaming up with Nike to create the ultimate Chuck, and you can bet that these babies will be on my feet. Stat.

Yes, you read right. Your favourite Chucks are about to get 1,000 times more comfortable. Bloomberg News recently revealed that the iconic casual-sporty shoe overlords Nike and Converse will be releasing an updated, upgraded Converse II model.

The shoe will cost approximately $15 more than the current price point, but will yield a more comfortable wear.

Converse Chuck II Nike
Converse II Prview Image courtesy of Bloomberg News

Don’t get me wrong, while they aren’t Converse II, I still dig the pair of Chucks that I have. I’ve just modified them with insoles to maximize my comfort.

The main takeaway from this is that yes: your Chucks will finally feel like Nikes, and yes: you should buy them.

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