Converse are Timeless, Versatile & ‘Made’ By You

Converse Toronto Montreal Chuck Taylor
Three styles, three times the fun.

Few brands have left us with a lasting impression, but Converse certainly fits the bill. The timelessness and versatility of a pair of Chucks remains unparalleled as far as footwear is concerned.

My last pair of Chucks lasted a couple of years, and believe me when I say that I wore those babies everywhere. They were deep violet All-Stars, and quite possibly the love of my shoe-a-holic life. The Spring Collection puts a heavy focus on their Made by You campaign, so we thought it necessary to add our own Nudabite ‘twist’, Made by ‘Nous’. 

Vincent and I recently took a trip to Toronto during the may-long weekend, basically lived in our converse and can’t stop raving about them.

In classic Chucks


Here’s Why We Love Converse

Timeless, Versatile Footwear

From dresses and skirts to denims and leggings – you can wear them with just about any outfit. Considering the company has been around since 1908, transitioning and adapting to the times is clearly the company’s forte!

Durable & Affordable

If you’re low on funds, but you need an all-star pair of shoes that you can keep for ages and wear day or night. Chucks to the rescue!

Sure, we had fun with these in Toronto. I for one wore them throughout the trip with every outfit imaginable. My favourite was the plain black summer dress (an ideal item to pack when travelling, PS).

Converse Toronto Montreal Chuck Taylor

Converse Toronto Montreal Chuck Taylor

1ère paire pour Vincent

Avec la collection Warhol, c’est la toute première fois que je porte des Converse. Je sais, je sais. Cette icône de la mode aurait du faire partie de ma garde-robe depuis des années! L’autre icône, c’est Andy Warhol, le peintre célèbre pour ses conserves, ses photos et le cover d’album des Rolling Stones.

Converse Toronto Montreal Chuck Taylor
Converse Toronto Montreal Chuck Taylor

En effet, Converse s’est associé avec la fondation Andy Warhol afin de créer la campagne Spring 2015 Converse All Star Andy Warhol Collection. 2 géants de la Pop culture s’associent afin d’offrir des modèles uniques. Les imprimés de conserves Campbell sont à l’honneur tout comme les imprimés de publicité parus dans les années 70. La fondation a pour mission de subventionner l’art visuel et elle a déjà remis plus de 250 millions de dollars aux artistes des États-Unis.

En plus d’être fan du travail de l’artiste, j’adore le rouge! Je ne pouvais juste pas passer à côté! Maintenant, je les porte tout le temps 🙂

Converse Warhol


*Nudabite a reçu des Converse lors du lancement de la collection printemps-été.

*Nudabite received the pairs of Converse at the spring collection launch.


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