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SO what do you get when you combine a group of bloggers with a local boating company on a hot summer day? A summer ride to remember!

It was a hot day – possibly the hottest of summer. There were a dozen of us split up into two groups, guided by the Discover Boating representatives and our charismatic driver, Marc.
And it was fabulous!

Say hello to our ride: she’s a Yamaha, loaded with all the bells and whistles. White leather interior, grey flooring and canvas top. We definitely rode in style that day.

Discover Boating I'm on a boat Montreal

Given how hot it was, we were eager to get a move on and let that wind rush through out hair. Naturally it takes a while to adjust to the movements and the waves (no one fell overboard!), but once we were moving, it was smooth and glorious!

Discover Boating I'm on a boat Montreal

We drove out to the far east end, where we took a break for lunch. Since it was super toasty on the water, most of us didn’t finish our meals (as we normally would – because we are food bloggers!). As a result, we conveniently had enough room for white wine and ice cold brew. Ah, the perfect balance!

Discover Boating I'm on a boat Montreal

Nothing beats the rush of boating over the light waves with the wind blowing in your hair. The smell of fresh water and summer was something we just couldn’t get enough of. How happy do I look in this photo?

Discover Boating I'm on a boat Montreal

Discover Boating I'm on a boat Montreal`
Beneath the Jacques Cartier Bridge on the St Lawrence river

Granted, not all of us can just make it rain and live the lavish lifestyles we dream of. That’s why Discover Boating offers rental opportunities! Learn more about that on their official website.

With rentals, you get to try before you buy – which is always nice.

Okay, but I want one!

If you’re thinking about getting a boat to close the summer season to end the year off on a high note – or – you would like to line things up for next year, you need the 411 on boating. Here are some important items to keep in mind and the things that you will need:

Pleasure Craft Operators Card

What is it? 

In order to drive a power boat, everyone is required to have a Pleasure Craft Operators Card (PCOC). Consider your PCOC to be like a driver’s licence for the water. Once you receive your PCOC it is yours – for life.
How can I get it?
You can get yours by studying a basic boating course (you’ll find a list of boat course providers at – followed by taking a straightforward exam.

Pleasure Craft License

What is it?
A license number that placed on the sides of your boat and used for identification purposes. When you take ownership of a boat (new or pre-owned), you need to make sure that your boat’s assigned license number lists you as the owner (much like a car ownership document). Usually your dealer will handle this paperwork for you, or – you can take care of this through Service Canada.

Towing and Other Necessities

Now that you’re ready to start making waves, you’ll soon discover the sense of freedom that comes with boating and that’s one of the reason’s it is so popular. With a boat that fits easily on  a trailer, you’re free to go just about anywhere!

You will also be required to keep some important items on hand (some of which are required by law!) so pack up the first aid kit, sunscreen, life jackets, paddles and other important items. For a full listing, please visit Discover Boating online.

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