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Lip balm is a beauty item with practical benefits and is always in high demand. Regardless of what season you are in, soft lips are always mandatory, so we teamed up with EOS to discover some of the hottest items for summer.

What started out as a craze from a scene out of the controversial Miley Cyrus video, took the beauty industry by storm. Colourful balls of lip balm displayed in a multi-coloured variety in the We Can’t Stop music video was genius product placement to say the least. EOS and their nearly-all-natural products are about as stoppable as Miley.

In addition to lip balm, EOS also produces the best shaving cream that money can buy. Hands-down one of my favourites. Not only is the product made from natural ingredients, but the packaging is eco-friendly.

EOS Beauty Montreal Lifestyle
EOS Beauty Montreal Lifestyle
EOS Beauty Montreal Lifestyle
Available online for $3.29 USD
EOS Beauty Montreal Lifestyle Flowers Fresh

EOS is 99% natural, 95% organic

Visibly soft lip balm is enriched with natural conditioning oils, and includes the moisturizing benefits of shea butter. Natural antioxidants vitamins C and vitamin E are also included so lips are nourished and feel instantly soft. This long-lasting moisture effect is all done thanks to the lack of parabens or petroleum additives. Oh and did we mention that it’s cute?

Available online for $3.49 USD

The Ultra Moisturizing Shave Cream in Pomegranate Raspberry will leave you looking forward to your next shower. While I’ve never been a fan of shave cream in general, I’ve got to hand it to EOS for this creation. 24 hours of moisture makes my life easier during those summer months. After-all, summertime is all about leg season! This formula is enriched with aloe, oat, grape seed extract, green tea, shea butter, vitamins B3, C and E, and left my legs smooth as silk for my trip to the cottage.

Bonus: you can shave wet OR dry.

Available online for $1.99 USD

Moisturizer doesn’t need to be a hassle to carry around with you when it’s made by EOS! The sleek design fits perfectly in your handbag and snap-to-close lid means no leaks or mess. Fresh Flowers was basically created with summer in mind. At 96% natural ingredients, you can wear it without panic – again, no parabens here.

Beyond the clever marketing tactics and adorable packaging, EOS does not test on animals and it is vegan friendly.

I can handle that.


Have you tried EOS products?

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