Epic Moments with EPICA Wine

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I wouldn’t call myself a wine connoisseur just yet, but I have definitely developed a taste for the grape, and I plan to continue this relationship of EPIC proportions. Speaking of epic moments, I had the chance to expand my palette by discovering the Red Blend from EPICA Wines. From the San Pedro region, this Chilean Red is definitely packed with flavour, a key trait to make it memorable.

I must add that it’s very important to make an impact in the world of wine (particularly for us folks on the go). When going to the local SAQ can be like walking through a maze, it’s crucial to stand out among the shelves in more ways than one.

There are two main players in the San Pedro Red from Epica: Chocolate and Black Cherry. Bold taste aside, this wine is either going to be the best friend to that steak fillet you have waiting in the ridge, or it will just be the perfect addition to simply sipping on the couch with your friends.

The great news about Epica Red is that you don’t need to be invited to an event to be able to get a taste of this grape elixir. Epica Red is roughly fifteen dollars at the local SAQ or LCBO, making it quite accessible and affordable, earning itself some great points in my book. I don’t need to spell it out for you; but I definitely think you should try a bottle for yourself, and maybe some friends if they’re nice.

Live EPIC, Drink Responsibly.

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Epic Moments with EPICA Wine

I wouldn’t call myself a wine connoisseur just yet, but I have...
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