Why JULIA by Stadler Form is the Perfect Essential Oil Diffuser

JULIA by Stadler EcoBrands Now Essential OIl Diffuser

The love for essential oils is on the rise. These naturally-derived fragrances have become a staple in practical alchemy to alleviate stress, provide us with comfort and add a little something to our moments of tranquility. There’s something about the earthy, musky scent of frankincense and clove that can somehow manage to transport us beyond the walls of our homes without actually having to physically leave. A good essential oil diffuser can also slightly increase the humidity of a small room – which is great during the winter months if left on overnight.

As for me, I’m just happy that to have an alternative to the artificial room sprays and (gag!) glade plug-ins.

I recently tested out JULIA by Stadler from EcoBrands Now. Here are a few of the features that I particularly enjoyed about this essential oil diffuser and why it might be right for you.

Bathtime will never be the same again

I was immediately sold on the sleek design and multiple settings offered in this particular model. It definitely added a nice touch to the bath experience, and it’s always on when I’m home working during the day or relaxing in the evening.

JULIA Stadler Form EcoBrands Now

Multiple modes = hours of mist

In swing mode, the aroma diffuser JULIA by Stadler Form spreads scents and essential oils optimally in the room through ultrasonic technology, swinging at 160° from left to right. In interval mode, the diffuser can run up to 54 hours and around 18-24 in continuous mode.

LED dimmer and off-mode

While the LED illuminated mist outlet provides a nice ambiance, it can disturb sensitive sleepers if left on overnight. If you like to keep the scent running while you sleep without the light disturbance, this is the ideal essential oil diffuser for you. Just use the settings to dim or switch off the light entirely and you can run the diffuser in interval mode overnight and sleep like a baby.

While you can purchase essential oils from the Stadler product family, other commercially available, alcohol-free fragrances can work with the diffuser as well.


**We received this model in exchange for a review post. Zero financial compensation was given, we just really like this diffuser!**

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