Estée Lauder Fall 2015 Collection Preview

Estee Lauder Fall 2015 collection Lipstick Eye Shadow Eye tape


We have some exciting news for our beauty peeps here on Nudabite. Drum roll please…

The fall preview for Estée Lauder is here!

Estée Lauder Old Legends to New Dimensions

Several products are making their first appearance for Fall 2015, Shape + Sculpt Eye Kit, Expert Liquid Tape (both New Dimensions), and Perfectionist Youth-Infusing Brightening Serum + Concealer. For the woman who is looking for hydration and a light concealer, this is the product for you. The cream end of the tube goes on as a secondary layer which gives a light ‘catching’ luminous finish.

We consider these products your go-to solutions for prepping your skin for a more glamorous look, or for simply accentuating natural beauty. Tilt head up, look down, and find that crease!

New Dimensions Tape Estee Lauder

New Dimensions Tape

New dimensions is a staple product by Estée Lauder, and the company just released its cousin, New Dimensions Tape. The tape continues the technology which activates the pro-collagen (technology which activates the collagen and elastin in your skin). It is also an instant ‘self-gratification’ tool, and you must apply it in one stroke (inner to outer). The product works within minutes, and should be applied on ‘naked’ skin. A trick to keep in mind is to apply it after moisturizer and before makeup. You must wait until the tape is dried and tap your foundation over the area where you have placed the tape. Using too much force during the application will minimize the effects from the tape.

New Dimensions Eye Contouring

Yes, you read right. The New Dimensions branch of the Estée Lauder family tree has produced a much-needed eye contouring kit. Since our eyelids tend to get oily throughout the day, this kit will help you to keep things under control. Perfect for the gal on the go and no touch ups required throughout the day. If you are looking for a product that will add depth to your eyelids, add shimmer and sculpt in all the right places, this is the perfect 3-in-1 for you.

Estee Lauder Eye 3 product and step kit

All About Eyes

Natural beauty is the way to go in our books. It’s easy to achieve a minimal look when you have the right tools – and the right shades. We swooned hard over the new-d (haha) Nude Dare shadow (image below, on right). These two products together are like dynamite and in our opinion, should always be used together.

Contour kit: on the far left, you have a base/primer, highlight in the centre and contour on the right. But where to place the dark? We are never sure, however there’s a trick. Look in the mirror and tilt your head upwards to find the suitable ‘zone’ in the crease area where it should be applied.

Eye Shadow Estée Lauder Fall 2015

Estée Lauder Lips

Estee Lauder Violet Lip Lipstick Pure Colour Envy Stronger

Pure Colour Envy lipsticks are super rich – and it isn’t just the colour – they are incredibly moisturizing! Pure Colour Envy comes in several new shades for the autumn season. Shown here is Stronger, a deep violet which is rich and perfect for fall.

Be sure to drop by your local beauty counter and try out these beauties for yourself. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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