Green Living Expo 2016 – Expo Manger Santé Montreal

Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert Coconut Organic Deodorant White Bio-K Vegan Probiotics Healthy Expo

Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert

The annual Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert is happening this weekend, so why not get out of the house and swing by the Palais de Congrès to discover local artisanal goods? This year’s expo is said to be the biggest yet – and considering how busy it was yesterday (on a Friday!), it’s safe to say the healthy living movement is growing. Next stop: global veggie domination!

The rise of healthy, organic produce & conscious consumerism

Healthy, clean eats in the restaurant industry are becoming more accessible (hurray!). Lately it seems that everywhere  you go veggie & vegan restaurants becoming more and more commonplace, allowing for a variety of options for the healthy and ethically conscious among the carnivorous masses.  On the flip side, non-veggie restaurants are increasing their veggie options and supermarket health food sections are expanding – offering a broader variety of sustainable, eco-friendly vegetarian products.

5 Reasons to Visit Expo Manger Santé et Vivre Vert 2016

Expo Manger Sante Quinoa Organic Cookies Montreal

Ecologically responsible event

This is an event that practices what it preaches: all food and beauty products can be tasted and tested at the various exhibitor booths. As well, on-site restaurant will be serving meals in compostable containers – and with compostable utensils. Those transparent cups that are being used for your tastings? Yes, even those are made of entirely compostable PLA fiber. Boom!

Discover New Products and Become Inspired

Expo Manger Sante gluten free
Certified gluten-free AND organic cavatelli from Pasta Oggi. Tried, tested and nudapproved.

Considering the growing concerns of harmful GMOs, the horrors of the slaughter industry, the effects of dairy, meat and how they affect our digestive systems, it’s no surprise that people are opting for an increased plant-base to their diets. If you’re looking for a gluten alternative to accommodate your pasta addiction, might we suggest Pasta Oggi – a Montreal-based, family run company.

Reduced Prices on all Products

Expo Manger Sante Plant life organic Montreal

Yes, the vendors are giving away samples, but the discounts are well worth the trip. How happy does Nadine look here?

Foodie Tasting Haven

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Vegans and omnivores alike can indulge in a sea of options, including the amazing tempeh bites with veggie butter from the vegan culinary experts at Aux Vivres. Sample the goods and buy the things you like on the spot!

Organic Beauty Products Galore

Expo Manger Sante Coconut Les CocoNuts Deodorant Natural Bio Organic
Love love loving these coconut oil based beauty products!! Stay fresh with Les CocoNuts all-natural deodorant (yes, this one actually works!) and lip balm.
Expo Manger Sante Natural Anti bacterial Montreal Green Healthy
All-natural anti-bacterial sanitizer

Ever tried organic beauty products? Well, you should! These gems are free from harmful chemicals,  and artificial fragrances. This means no hormone disruptors or carcinogens to mess up your body’s chemistry. Doesn’t that sound awesome?

We tried out these brands and probably won’t go back to commercial brands any time soon. Les CocoNuts also makes body scrubs based with coffee grounds and bars of soap made entirely from organically based ingredients.

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