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With more that 2300 stores across 29 countries,  South Korean Cosmetic store, THE FACE SHOP, is taking Canadian beauty lovers by storm. We met up with Valentin Millet, marketing manager of THE FACE SHOP Canada, and Kevin Pacheco, Executive Account Manger at Faulhaber Communications, and asked them a few questions about the new line brightening skin care line, WHITE SEED, and what makes THE FACE SHOP your one stop shop for beauty care products.


What makes the THE FACE SHOP product lines so innovating from other skin care products?


“Every year [THE FACE SHOP] upgrades its products. Our products are the same, only under a new technology because your skin gets use to the ingredients in products, the effects will decrease over time. So it is important to change the active ingredient every few years.” -VM


“THE FACE SHOP is already thinking about you and about how much skin care you already use. They know that in 2-3 years your skin product will not work the same on your skin, so they are already reinventing this product for you in store. If you get hooked on a specific serum or shade of lipstick, in 2-3 years, this product may not be there anymore. The product itself will be available in a different packaging and in a different formulation that is current in the environment nowadays. They progress with their costumer and the environment at the same time”. –KP

How often do you introduce new arrivals for THE FACE SHOP in stores?


“[Standard] cosmetic company’s launch a new product every quarter. Here at THE FACE SHOP, we launch 60 new products a quarter. Every time we meet journalist we don’t know what to present.” VM

What can we expect for the month of May?




“Launching this month is the WHITE SEED line. This is a brightening skin care line made to even your skin tone.  This is not a “whiting” product but a “brightening” one. One of the ingredients found in this line are white daisies.  The white daisy is what helps brighten the skin.  Included in this product is also a paten ingredient called tocopherol, which is 700 times brighter than Vitamin C. As we transition from Winter to Spring, the WHITE SEED line is perfect to help with our skin’s winter blues”. KP


You use brightening a lot to describe the effects of the WHITE SEED line, what do you mean by brightening?


“The WHITE SEED line will never brighten your skin in terms of changing your skin tone.  That will never happen. This is not what the product does. It takes your regular skin tone and gives it a glow. It doesn’t change any pigmentation in your skin, rather it evens your complexion and controls the production of pigments. It creates a more uniform look to your skin tone. The WHITE SEED products will enhance your natural self.” KP


WHITE SEED incorporates a three-step system, that targets your most crucial skin care concerns (Skin Tone Care, Spot Care, and Brightening). The product line includes Exfoliation Foam Cleanser, Brightening Toner, Brightening Serum, Brightening Lotion and a Vitamin Concentrate.


Thefaceshop white seed pricing

There ya have it folks, THE FACE SHOP knows what’s up when it comes to skincare.

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