Fairmount Bagel Just Broke Twitter

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I randomly fell into a twitter-hole a few days ago and discovered that Fairmount Bagel has a twitter account. An insanely funny twitter account, and it’s safe to say that my twitter feed will never be the same.

The account belonging to the city’s oldest bagel shop is hilarious and riddled with shade. Yes, a bagel shop is tossing shade like poppy seeds. The unfortunate side is that their competitors are taking the brunt, for the most part.

Except when they are taking a jab at MTL-clickbait.

Fairmount Bagel Montreal Historical Food Shade Poppy Seeds Sesame Buzzfeed MTLBlog
I see what you did there…


But like they say: all in good fun.

Fairmount Bagel Montreal Mile End Baked


St. Viateur just got her seeds snatched.


Fairmount Bagels Montreal Mile End Canadian Twitter Yellow
There are many ways to say ‘Thank-You’ apparently, this is one of them. #Gratitude
Fairmount Bagels Montreal Mile End Canadian Twitter Yellow
They go together like matrimony and infidelity.


Whoever is behind the account has managed to combine the perfect ingredients; 1 part clever, 2 parts funny, a dash of arrogance and topped up with toasted shade. It’s as if the 95 year old bagel shop revised their dough recipe and translated it into social media.


Bagels Montreal Fairmount Twitter


My personal favourite, because it points out the obvious.


Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 1.00.10 PM


Oh and Kanye is on his way to becoming a mascot meme for the shop. A serious step up from Kim and her oily ass, if you ask me.


Fairmount Bagels Montreal Twitter
Kanye should have known…



This, ladies and gentlepersons, is clever marketing and great use of social media to promote your business.

Even if it makes you look like shadezilla.

**UPDATE** apparently this story ran on the CBC and the twitter account is fake. I still stand by the hilarity of this account and still encourage you all to enjoy it as well.

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