The 2015 Fall Handbag Preview

Bucket bag Fall 2015 Preview


Buying a new handbag can be a big step for a lot of us, simply because it’s the type of everyday item that we can grow so used to and attached to that we don’t want to let it go. Fortunately, that’s usually not a big deal from a fashion standpoint. Yes, there are styles that heat up and cool off every year, but for the most part variety is appreciated when it comes to handheld accessories and everyday bags. Odds are you won’t feel too peculiar walking down the street with the same bag you sported a year ago.

But none of that means that upgrading to a trendy new style can’t still be fun! Whether it’s giving yourself a fresh option to mix in with an existing favourite, or to change your look altogether, picking out a hot new handbag can be one of your most enjoyable shopping experiences of the year. Heads up: for fall and winter of 2015, the selection is plentiful.

“What’s hot?”

Allow us to introduce you to some of the most exciting and interesting handbag trends making the rounds in style magazines and accessory write-ups.

Scales & Skins

Michael Kors "Audrey" Fall Hand Bag Tote
Michael Kors “Audrey”, Large Tote in a deep, rich shade of taupe from
Saint Laurent High School Bag
Saint Laurent “High School Bag” in rich Marsala from

Leather handbags certainly aren’t uncommon this time of year, but in 2015 there’s an unexpected prevalence of leather and other similar materials patterned and designed to resemble skins and scales in handbags. One list of popular purses for the coming months pointed to examples from Alexander McQueen and Givenchy, the latter a very unique little strapped clutch described as “white lizard” in style.

Buckets & Rucksacks

Michael Kors Bag Fall 2015
Michael Kors
Saint Laurent Black Backpack
Saint Laurent Black Backpack

Not every bag trend that is making the rounds has to do with handheld purses or clutches. In fact, there are a lot of options going around that are closer to the backpack range than to traditional purse options! This fun, varied collection of backpacks for the season featured several different examples that fall under the category of bucket bags and rucksacks with fashionable designs: Alexander Wang, Saint Laurent, and Michael Kors are just a few of the designers showcasing these types of bags, which offer a great combination of usefulness and image appeal.

Vivid Colours

Elle Magazine Fall 2015 Backpack Preview Costume National
Costume National on the runway, courtesy of
Elle Fall Handbag Burnt Orange Suede Fringe
Elle Fall Handbag by Just Cavalli in Burnt Orange Suede Fringe on

This may be my very favourite handbag-related trend heading into the fall season, because it’s such a far cry from what we tend to see year in and year out. So much of cold weather fashion is geared toward neutral, dull colours, and usually handbags are included, with a lot of us seldom straying from browns and blacks. Judging by this lineup of runway handbags, we can do away with that notion altogether this season. The whole spectrum of bright vibrant colours is being explored in this season’s accessory market, which means basically anything goes!

Tool Box Bags

Louis Vuitton Mini Trunk
Louis Vuitton ‘Mini Trunk’ from

That’s not an official style or description you’ll find in many fashion collections, but it’s certainly an accurate way to characterise some of the most high-end bags being highlighted in the collections mentioned above and elsewhere. The idea is for this season’s selections to include hard materials styled into small, boxy options that are sure to stand out. It’s not the most practical handbag trend of the season, but it’s undoubtedly an interesting one.

Despite all these trends, what I said in the beginning holds true: there’s so much variety in handbags that you can really get away with most anything. However, if you were hoping to take advantage of some of the hottest ideas for the latter half of 2015, we suggest the beauties ‘lysted’ above.

Happy shopping!

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