3 Festive Foodie Gift Ideas

The holidays are here and we are half way through the countdown to C-day. Of course you’re waiting for the last minute to buy that foodie friend something useful, tasty or unique. Why? Because they are impossible to shop for!

Allow us to inspire you with these 5 foodie gift ideas that will please even the most fickle foodie friend, or that health nut of a relative who runs marathons.

Foodie Gift Idea | Muthins Foodie Gift Ideas White space Table Metro IGA Muthins Whole Foods

Typically, muffins get a bad rep for being a high-cal, high fat junk food snack that is disguised as the ‘lesser of the two evils’ compared to their donut cousin. There is however an über healthy alternative to the doughy treat – one that is actually good for you! Muthins has shaken up the snack industry by starting a healthy snack revolution, and they are produced right here in Montreal!
Muthins owner Ali Beloff started her business with a traditional family recipe in mind, and has since created a gluten-free line to compliment the existing all-natural, preservative-free brand.
Muthins white space healthy snacking Montreal Ali Beloff
Whether you’re hosting a group of health fanatics or can’t decide what to get that friend who has it all. Muthins made our list of foodie gift ideas because they’re festive, and super healthy. Muthins can be purchased at several metro locations and health food stores throughout Montreal. Get snacking!


VSCOcam Puretea Tea Focus Christmas Oranges White background flatlay

Drinking is something that we all do over the holidays. Sometimes we take it a bit too far with the spiked eggnog, or pour too much Goldschläger into the mulled wine (hot wine bling, anyone?). Well, Puretea has got you covered! The rescue pack by Puretea includes teas to keep you going strong during the holidays. Eat, drink and be merry – just be sure to include Puretea in your stocking stuffer list.
Also seen above is their travel tea bottle, complete with bottom steeper and rubber grip. Be sure to follow instructions to avoid burning yourself, and always proceed with caution when dealing with boiling water (helicopter Nuda-Mom over here).

Petit Lapin Allergy-Free Holiday Treats

Petit Lapin Vegan Gluten-free yule
Photo courtesy of Brian Rotsztein of Redstone Photography

For that loved one with a sweet tooth but serious food allergies? Patisserie Petit Lapin to the rescue! Gone are the days of fruit bowls and dry, flavourless alternatives. Patisserie Petit Lapin allergy-free bakery creates pure culinary magic with only the very best quality ingredients.

Allergy-free Montreal Bakery Petit Lapin Vegan Yule Log
Photo courtesy of Brian Rotsztein of Redstone Photography


Their desserts are free of the 10 common problem foods for allergy sensitive people. If your mate or family member is allergic to tree nuts, seafood, dairy, soy, sulphites, wheat, mustard and eggs this is the bakery for you. Yule love this log, as will the whole family!


Get cracking, people! Good luck and may the Nudaforce be with you.


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