Finish Their Outfit with FTO – Holiday Gift Ideas Day 9

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Let’s all agree that shopping for clothing comes with it’s challenges, especially when shopping for someone else! Accessories are more fun to shop for when searching for the perfect gift.

Take your shopping experience to the next level (of…comfort!) and take care of it online with Finish The Outfit. Why? Because not only are these accessories quality items, they are funky-fresh!

My personal favourites include the Hipanema bracelets, which are guaranteed to add a ‘pop’ of colour to any outfit, and they look great when layered.

Did somebody say #ArmParty ?

The tassel necklaces are great for layering and can be matched with a classic white T-shirt, which is my personal favourite. You can go with any coloured shirt for that matter, I just tend to favour a simple, classic look.


From dainty femme to boho-chic, Finish The Outfit carries genuine, handcrafted and pieces that come from their country of origin. You can feel good about giving the gift of authenticity, knowing that it comes from a good place.
Check FTO out online, Facebook and follow them on Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest!





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