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After the success of their first line of high-fibre, all-natural Muthins, Ali Beloff is now catering to the demands of the every changing health food market with a line of gluten-free Muffins by Muthins (try saying that 3 times fast). Produced and packaged locally in Montreal at the Mi & Stu baking facility, not only are these healthy snacks certified gluten-free, they are also kosher, sugar-free, dairy-free and nut-free.

Muthins Founder Ali Beloff

Gluten-Free Muthins Montreal Ali Beloff Bakery Mi & Stu
Hard at work, Ali Beloff gave us an exclusive tour of the Mi & Stu Baking facility in Montreal.

This award-winning young entrepreneur decided to launch a gluten-free line of Muthins to compliment the original fiber-rich recipe, whoch has been featured at dozens of Montreal events over the last 2 years. Chances are if you were at TEDx Montreal in May of 2015, or any major health and foodie event, Ali was there serving Muthins samples.

The original Muthins recipe has undergone several tweaks since her mom created the original recipes in 1985. Ali recognized the need to account for current demand and developed a series of gluten-free Muffins. Each muffin clocks in at less than 150 calories per serving, and is the perfect on-the-go snack for gluten sensitive, health conscious folks.

Gluten-free Muffins by Muthins, options come in 3 tasty varieties:

Gluten-Free Apple Cinnamon

Apple Cinamon Gluten free Muthins Ali Beloff Montreal

Gluten-Free Coco Moka

Coconut Mocha Gluten free Muthins Ali Beloff Montreal

Gluten-Free Mixed Berry

Gluten free Muthins Mixed berry Ali Beloff Montreal

The case for healthy snacks

Fad diets may come and go, but eating smart, wholesome foods will never go out of style. This low-calorie snack has only 2.5 grams of fat per serving, 5-6 grams of fibre and zero chemical preservatives, making gluten-free Muthins the go-to snack for health-savvy folks with busy lifestyles.

While the standard commercial muffin is typically thought to be a healthy alternative to donuts and pastries, these processed snacks can pack as much as 400-500 calories! Standard commercial muffins (think Tim Hortons) are loaded with sugar, fat, calories, preservatives (to prolong shelf life), and a bunch of other crap that is highly chemical-based (like those ‘blueberries’ that are 100% artificial).

It’s safe to say that there’s enough junk in the ready-made ‘convenience’ food that we eat on a regular basis. Your body deserves better. It deserves a Muthin.

Where can I buy gluten-free Muffins / Muthins ?

These gluten-free, guilt-free snacks can be purchased throughout several boroughs on the island, which include: Downtown, Cote St-Luc, Outremont, Westmount, Laval, Plateau, Old Port, Point Claire, Dollard, Brossard, and Boucherville.  Approximately 40 locations can serve you a Muthins fix, which include the following locations:

  • IGA x 4
  • 5 Seasons x2
  • Metro
  • Java U x several locations, including Trudeau International Airport
  • Marché Tau
  • Health Tree
  • Real Bagel on Decarie
  • Rachele-Berry
  • La Prep
    …….and more!

Ali will be expanding to Toronto and Ottawa come April, stay in touch with her and Muthins by following her Facebook page for updates and events.

Ali will be repping her gluten-free Muthins at the Expo-Sante Manger Vert event from March 11th – 13th. Be sure to stop by so you can sample the goods say hello!

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