From Naughty to Nice: Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Eat Drink Love Italia oil Holiday Gift Ideas

It’s that time of year again, where we wait until the last minute to complete our holiday shopping. Whether it’s shopping mall crowd-induced social anxiety, laziness or a shoestring budget, it’s no wonder why people drink so much during this time of year to take the edge off! Allow us to save you the hassle, anxiety and liver damage with this list of holiday gift ideas. 

For the Socially Anxious: Online Shopping

If you’re anything like me, chances are you hate crowds and would rather shop from the comfort and convenience of your laptop. Allow us to recommend a few global essentials – yes, with one tasty item that can be shipped in from Italy! 

Olive oil from Italy

Our first holiday gift idea is for those who enjoy the finer things in life, like imported olive oil from Italy. The appropriately-named brand, Eat Drink Love Italia is a family-run company based in Abruzzo. Their olive oil has been tested at better than premium, so yeah – that should tell you something. Not only is this olive oil incredibly delicious, the price point is ridiculously favourable, considering it’s being shipped in all the way from the motherland.

Toronto and Canadian orders will be fulfilled December mid-December, from Montreal via Canada post, so if you decide to order later, be advised that the shipment may not arrive in time for Xmas. If you’re eager to get yourself a bottle (and we advise you should), be sure to use code nudabite10 for 10% off order orders of 75$ + at checkout. Just be sure to act quick – time is of the essence!!!

Everything tastes better in Italy, especially their olive oil, and this brand, in particular, is essentially liquid gold. 


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Bossing Up by Samantha Kris

Bossing Up by Samantha Kris is the essential read for any entrepreneur. Whether a friend or relative, this holiday gift idea is perfect for anyone who is seeking guidance to level up their inner Boss. Samantha’s memoir-turned-guide is a blueprint of what she used to achieve epic levels of success over the course of 5 short years. This book is suitable for entrepreneurs of all industries and business owners of all sizes!

Abby the cat guarding my copy of Bossing Up

Essentials For the Traveling Nomad

Want Les Essentiels is known for their functional design that offers stylish, practical use of their everyday luxury bags. It didn’t take long for me to become a fan when I received their MAXI DEMIRANDA bag right before my trip to Portugal. The back pocket is large enough to fit an average sized novel (Bossing Up fits perfectly, FYI), while the front compartment can hold all necessary cards, currency, boarding pass, and your passport!
Known for their silver and gold detailing, this is the perfect versatile travel accessory. As someone who travels often, I’ve gained a new appreciation for simplicity and this bag epitomizes the beauty of minimalism. 

WANT Les Essentiels

The Best in Beauty and Self-Care

The beauty industry has seen a major boom over the last two years, so you can be sure that no matter how picky your friends and family are – there’s always a need for minor pampering and self-care.

Beauty & Skincare

For Beloved One has taken the beauty industry by storm with their luxury level brand for the refined woman, but now they also offer a more affordable option for the younger, tighter budgeted demographic. Having tested out their full line and the For Beloved Girl, I can attest to the quality and effectiveness of their products. 

For a limited time, pick up a jumbo pack of masks (16 masks!) and receive a FREE 7-piece For Beloved One; Lumi’s Key Holiday Gift Bag! Soothe and brighten your skin with the Lumi’s Key Toner, Essence, Lotion, and Jelly, as you relax after the holiday rush!


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Available online at

If Makeup is on your list, I can’t stress just how amazing Essence Cosmetics are. This German-based brand offers a wide range of high-quality cosmetics for an affordable price. They also sell cosmetic accessories, like nail decals and nail polish stampers (the fake it till you make it must-have of the nail art world).

Speaking of nails and nail art, the Mini Macaron is the perfect stocking stuffer. If you’ve ever wanted to do a DIY shellac manicure at home, this is the best (and most adorable) way to do it. Not only is this kit freakishly adorable, but the macaron led light comes in two different sizes.


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You’re welcome.


Float tanks have been around for decades, but in today’s modern anxiety-filled world they are quickly gaining popularity as a great way to tune out and put the focus back into your body. In the tank, you’re removed from gravity and external stimulus, which allows you to have a deep mental and physical relaxation. These antigravity-like sensory deprivation chambers allow you to reconnect with your body for an hour – and sometimes that’s all it takes!

I fell in love with Float Toronto and recommend that everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime.



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