Hutchison: The Autumn Collection

Hutchison Montreal

With fall in full swing, thoughts of the search for autumn collection must-haves are persistent.

It’s no secret that Montreal is home to some of Canada’s most creative fashion designers. We are home to some of the best, after all. So it makes sense to promote and support those who craft and create from our own backyard, n’est-ce pas?

Your Autumn Collection From Montreal Designers

When we say support local, we think about supporting the local economy by purchasing local goods crafted by amazing local people.

Personally, supporting local designers means so much more than that. It means that I’m supporting someone who works more than a dozen hours a day to cultivate a brand that answers needs of consumers who are conscious of their purchases. Those who wish to support sustainable initiatives, of unique brands that put a whole lot of love into what they create.

The Background on Hutchison and Sofia

Hutchison Montreal

“Hutchison is a brand that prides itself in creating high-quality, long-lasting essential pieces designed to last beyond seasons. The label is brought to life through clean lines, chic, simple shapes, impeccable tailoring and beautiful fabrics.” – Sofia Del Giacco, owner and designer at Hutchison.

No mass-production here. The designer hand cuts and assembles each piece in her Montreal studio.

Hutchison is a brand that I hold great respect for. More specifically, my good friend Sofia who I have witnessed grow as a designer over the past year. We met at school, on a very important day that would change both of our lives. Tremendously.

Today, as near-graduates of the SAJE Montreal Self-Employment Program, it’s safe to say that we have both come a long way from our initial meeting. She proved herself on that cold December day, and she hasn’t stopped since.

Sofia is presenting her collection this evening at Fashion Preview, and you should all come by to check it out.

The Autumn Collection by Hutchison

Known for their eco-friendly raincoats, Hutchison coats are created from high-quality cotton fabrics, and sealed with heated wax. Giving it the water repelling ability with sustainable initiatives.

Hutchison Montreal
Hutchison Montreal
Hutchison Montreal
Details. Very important details.
Hutchison Montreal
Hutchison Montreal

Hutchison Montreal

Visit Hutchison online and find them on Facebook.

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