ÎleSoniq 2015 Survival Guide

ÎleSoniq Montreal EDM Music Festival

For the third weekend in a row, Montreal’s Parc Jean Drapeau will host yet another music festival. As folks prepare for the EDM-heavy ÎleSoniq, we wanted to put together a guide for your reference. This second edition will feature internationally famous artists such as deadmau5, Kaskade, Die Antwoord, Azealia Banks, DJ Snake. If you’re a fan of more local artists, we highly recommend Kiesza for her music reminiscent of 90’s club music, and Montreal’s own Black Tiger Sex Machine for amazing electro/dubstep beats.

The ÎleSonique Lineup: Who’s Playing When? Where?

ÎleSoniq Line up

ÎleSoniq Line up 2015 EDM

What to Wear

Given the amount of walking and dancing you will be doing (hellooooo it IS an EDM festival after all) maintaining comfortable feet is paramount! We love wearing Chucks or laced-up boots that can withstand both rain and dirt.

Dress up but practical, as in typical Montreal fashion: layers.

Standard apparel combinations include the usual torn denim shorts paired with a t-shirt or tank with a wrap around the waist flannel – for when it gets chilly at dust. However in all likeliness you will be buzzing on booze, smokables and sweet vibes, so you might not even feel the chill.

What to Pack

Try to carry the least amount of stuff possible, so if you can avoid packing your make-up bag for the day, we would heavily advise you do so. Let’s break it down for you in terms of the basics. Not to sound like your mom, but it’s for your own good. You’ll thank us later.

In the Nuda-bag below, Jes has packed travel-sized sunscreen from Dermalogica

ÎleSoniq kit dermalogica bandaids M0851 Black leather backpack
What Jes is bringing.
ÎleSoniq Prep
Sandrine’s Swag
  • A water bottle (duh!)
  • Small snacks (personal favorite are Cliff Energy Bars)
  • Earplugs (for when the bass drops a little too hard)
  • Rechargeable battery (let’s face it, Insta = battery drain)
  • Bandaids (blisters are a buzz kill)
  • Sunscreen (broad spectrum SPF 30 or higher)
  • Insect repellent (a small bottle should suffice)
  • Poncho (buy a plastic cover from the dollar store, unless you wanna get gouged on-site) and/or a small umberella
  • Ziplock for your cell phone (because this is Montreal we are talking about)
  • A plastic bag to sit on (we hear ya, why not a towel? Because most often they get soggy and dirty, and carrying that around all day isn’t very pleasant)
  • Hand sanitizer, baby wipes and extra klennex (because portapotties aren’t as sanitary as you would think. Neither are people.)
  • Evian Water Mist: this one is a bit of a luxury, but is definitely your saviour under the relentless heat of 30 degree sunny skies.

Keep in mind that if you are attending ÎleSoniq with a group, you can divide your supplies between the squad. Travel right, travel light!

What to eat & drink?

There will be many food and beverage vendors on site, and stations where you can fill your water bottle. There is also a coat check (3$/item) and multiple lockers (15$/day) that will be made available right outside the festival site. Make sure you have two pieces of ID with you if you plan on drinking… and be careful of what you decide to bring with you, as bags will be searched at the entrance.

ÎleSoniq is a no-cash zone this year – that means all transactions (food, beverage etc) must be made via your bracelet

Tips for surviving a music festival

  • Make sure you plan out your visit once the schedule is made available, it’ll be better for you to move from one scene to another, and you’ll avoid losing your group.
  • Take breaks! A whole afternoon doesn’t seem like a long time but with the sun and the crowd, things can get overwhelming. Make sure to stay hydrated and satiated, and strech it out every now and then, especially if you plan on going both days.
  • If in a group, give yourselves a few meeting points in case you lose each other in the crowd. Make sure to have a rechargeable battery, or you can always go to the charging stations on site.
  • Try to get to the set at least 10 minutes before it is supposed to start.
  • Know your substance threshold: just because you have access to the candy store, doesn’t mean you need to bathe in the sugar.
  • Party Hard, Party Responsibly



ÎleSoniq tickets are available for purchase online and will run you $175 for general admission, $250 for a gold pass and $500 for a platinum pass. Check out their site for more details on the 3 tier system for listed packages.

One last thing: make sure you respect the environment and people around you. No one likes to be pushed around in the crowd, and no one likes a dirty festival site. Recycle, compost, and be cool with your peers. Enjoy!

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