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Montreal’s blogger and creative scene is continuously expanding. Once the secret was out that people influence people, not advertising agencies (sorry Newad & Zoom, but… not sorry?) brands also took note, as did PR agencies. When you’re good at what you do, people notice and they will follow you because there’s something about you that makes you stand out above the rest.

It could be quality content, a strong vision or an interesting message. Whatever it is, it works for you just as well for them.

This past year changed me significantly. Between my personal and professional life, I’ve made some pretty major changes; some of which were conscious, while others happened on auto-pilot. Beyond the conferences, the internet and literature, exists a select few – the people who have inspired me, my fellow creatives, who in their own way have motivated me to keep going and keep Nudabite growing.

From taking the plunge into the unknown and re-branding, to innovative use of social media, this city is home to some of the most talented people I know. Creatives of Montreal, you continue to impress me.

Those whom I have found to be the most inspiring and influential are listed in no particular order, and all photography is courtesy of their respective Facebook profiles.



The Ladies of Paperplanes

Paperplanes Blogger Influencer Montreal


Geri (left) and Myriam (right) have been at the blogging game with Paperplanes for just over 5 years. Together, they built a solid online presence for their brand, and have undoubtedly made their mark in Montreal.

Geri maintains her gratitude within the grassroots media sphere, she takes nothing for granted and expresses this on her social networks. “Living a life where you are in the service of others, it is certain that you will be greatly rewarded! Create the life you want and take care of the people who take care of you.” Geri is also a style and image consultant (Mlle Geri), you can follow her on Instagram @MlleGeri.

Myriam adds her own personal touch to the online magazine. “My motivation comes from whatever inspires me, my passions. Whether it’s a person’s life, a book, helping others, the innovation of an idea, and the list goes on. So, it’s important for me to always keep my imagination vivid.” Myriam has a good eye for photography, and her images compliment her written work quite nicely. While it (motivation) doesn’t come easy, she maintains her focus on a daily basis, and shares some great tips on how to stay focused. “Following up on these ideas is the challenge. So, breathe in, breathe out, write them down and start planning. A little everyday goes a long way but keep at it until fruition. The gradual progression is motivation in itself!” 



Candice Pantin – I Like I Wear




Candice is no stranger to Montreal’s blogging and creative community. For over 5 years she ran her successful blog: Montreal In Fashion. Around the end of 2013, Candice decided to embark on a new journey: she re-branded and created a whole new website. I Like I Wear launched in the spring of 2014, and has grown steadily ever since. In addition to writing for her own site, she has worked as a freelance writer to create content for clients and she has styled several fashion presentations and editorials.

I truly believe that our beliefs – and therefore choices that derive from these convictions, can shape our future. The mind is a powerful thing, regardless or not if these beliefs are factual or a simple figment of our imagination, we can choose ideas to powerfully lead us to success. I keep this in mind as a motivator during new endeavors and while going through uncertain times. I whole heartily believe the Universe has a magical way of aligning the right decisions, the right people, and the right resources into place.

While Candice has been photographed by several media at dozens of events, she’s been busy creating and curating her own portfolio as a photographer. Her Instagram says is all.


Philip Tabah – The Main

The Main Montreal Lifestyle Black&White Vicolo


While The Main doesn’t focus exclusively on fashion, the topic remains constant within their content in distinct ways, which reflects the spirit of a stylish Montreal. Philip started off with a Twitter and Tumblr account, but later went on to create a community of devoted followers. Despite the presence and over-saturation of a certain not-to-be-named click-bait blog, The Main exceeds above and beyond as an online source of news, events and Montreal lifestyle related articles. “I’m motivated by garbage. When I see something that is in a state of deterioration, I see an opportunity to make a difference. I’m on a mission to bring the traditional, high-quality, magazine editorial format to a new generation of online consumers and to show people there’s more to being online than top ten lists and pictures of cats.” The Main has a refined take on lifestyle brands and this is reflective in their high-quality content.


Noëlly Sam – Fashion Unfold Global

Noëlly Sam


Noëlly Sam created #FashionUnfold just over 4 years ago. Its mission: to unfold the ins and outs of the Fashion Industry one hot topic at a time. The purpose of #FashionUnfold is to engage an open discussion among fashion professionals and enthusiasts, including but not limited to bloggers, designers and stylists for one hour on Twitter, to address questions about the Fashion Industry.


Montreal Creative Bloggers Twitter Girl Fashion Event


Month after month, Noëlly mobilizes her followers and fashion networks to share strong opinions and information on specific fashion topics in an organized format.

Her motto: “Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.” 

Not only does this event encourage discussion among creative minds, it provides the opportunity for people to connect on a global scale. Yes, #FashionUnfold takes place internationally, connecting participants (aptly named Unfolders) from around the world, to discuss on their common interest. Hot topics ranging from the evolution of fashion blogging, underlying issues within and surrounding the industry, opinion-based fashion do’s and don’t’s to forecasting trends.

“Knowing that there’s always room for us to improve, create and innovate is what keeps me going. I constantly strive to be better than I was the day before, that’s my motivation and this is what fueled the creation of #FashionUnfold.” 
Award Fashion Twitter Media Montreal
“What originally started as Fashion Blogging (Miss SLY) gradually evolved into hosting an award-winning series of global fashion debates and that alone is worth pursuing. The possibilities are endless.”
Noëlly and I recently collaborated on the most recent edition of Fashion Unfold’s holiday edition, and it was a delight. The amount of planning that is required for each event is quite significant. I admire her for her dedication and hardworking ethic, and I am truly grateful for the experience to have worked with her.

Join me and other Unfolders to kick off #FashionUnfold 2015 series, Tuesday January 13th @ 1pm ET sharp.

Tweet you there!

Betta Werk – Model and Traveling Gypsy

Betta (Lemme) Work


Yes, models are creatives – at least in my book. Next to her charming, friendly personality, Betta’s Instagram profile is what I truly found inspiring over the last year. And what’s not to love? Her effortless beauty and witty videos make for one of the best profiles that I am currently following.

She works in possibly the most vain industry known to man, where models are continuously pressured to maintain a particular image, but she goes about her job as only Betta can: living and loving every minute – not taking any of it too seriously.

“I honestly don’t know how I’ve stayed sane in this industry. I suppose just sticking to my guns-stay and staying grounded. I only surround myself with people who inspire me to be the best I can be. Literally remove myself from small-minded people who don’t believe in all the possibilities at hand. Doing so has allowed me to grow immensely these past years.”

A true role-model (hardy-har) if you ask me.

“All I can say is that we all end up in the ground, so to just drop everything and go on an adventure. Life starts with adventure.”

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So there ya have it. Jessica Nudo’s top picks, in a nutshell.

Be sure to follow them on social media and, of course, check them out online.


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