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A several months ago, I decided to touch base with a friend who was in the midst of opening up North America’s very first cat café. Nadine introduced me to her business partner and owner of Cat Café Montreal, Youssef Labib. We chatted for hours, I took (many!) photos and wrote a few posts to share the excitement with my followers. Next came the offers for social media consultation services, feedback, partnership and product collaboration recommendations. Not long after, I was offered a job as Community Manager.

We opened our doors to the public on August 30th 2014, and we have been consistently busy ever since. Granted there have been challenges and a few hurdles to overcome, we have done so gracefully.

When Todd dropped by the café on a sunny afternoon a few weeks back and the timing couldn’t have been better. Naturally, any journalist, radio host or news anchor (in his case, all of the above) would have a dozen or so questions to ask about this ‘first’ for Montreal, so he invited me to join him at CJAD later that week to be a guest on his radio show, Viewpoints. 

This was a great opportunity to answer some of the many question that we’ve been asked at the cafe or on social media (please PLEASE do NOT bring your cat to the café) as well, discuss some of the rules at the café.

Enough of my rambling, have a listen and most importantly, visit us at 3435 Saint Denis (Metro Sherbrooke)



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