5 Reasons to Check Out Invasion Cocktail 2016

MTL en Lumiere Invasion Cocktail 2016

Tomorrow is a big day for bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. Tomorrow is the kick-off for Invasion Cocktail 2016!

As local bars and restaurants prepare themselves for patio season, the thirsty and the feisty make their weekly (or daily) pilgrimage to the 5@7’s across the island.
Other noteworthy events during the festival include a brunch on May 15th at La Cabane du Pied de Cochon (an all inclusive package purchase required separately) and signature event for the Made With Love National Finals on May 16th.

As has been the theme for the last two years, you can sip your way around town — passport in hand. From May 10th through May 16th, passport holders can enjoy a discounted variety of tastings while re-familiarizing yourself with the participating restaurants and bars in the 514. Here are 5 reasons why you should check out Invasion Cocktail 2016.

Invasion Cocktail 2016
Invasion Cocktail 2016

Invasion Cocktail 2016 Passport Variety

Keep it light with the $10 passport: available for a 2-for-1 deal (limited time only!), or the standard $20 Invasion Cocktail passport.

200 Cocktails at $7 Each

If you participated last year, you know the drill: with the purchase of an Invasion Cocktail passport, you can bar hop your way around town for $7 a pop (+$2 from last year).

30+ Participating Bars & Restaurants

This year’s Invasion Cocktail is back and is featuring even more partner bars and restaurants. That’s right, there are 36 bars and restaurants participating in Montreal and Quebec City, so there’s a little something for everyone.

Social Benefits

That group of friends that you keep meaning to meet up with? Consider this a “fun for the whole fam” event. Alcohol: bringing you closer to the people you rarely see, and keeping things interesting when you do!

Date Night

Been busy on Tinder/Bumble/Happn recently and can’t think of an ideal date plan for all of your prospects? Why don’t you treat each of them to a drink? Perhaps not on the same night, I mean, try to keep it classy.


Don’t miss out this year, it’s an amazing way to discover mixology!

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