Iron Open Mind Triathlon

Iron Open Mind

Holiday Monday will mean yoga, meditation and movement in Montreal’s old port for the 1st edition of the Iron Open Mind triathlon. Given that the weekend will also host yet another food festival, the timing couldn’t be more perfect! Talk about the ideal way to balance your weekend. Eat it up, work it off: that’s the Montrealer mantra!

While the Wellness Triathlon was not intentionally paired with the weekend-long festival, YUL EAT, you’ve gotta admit: the timing couldn’t be more perfect.


In true triathlon form, the Iron Open Mind Challenge combines three disciplines: meditation, movement and yoga. The objective? To challenge participants through which occur continuously during 4 hours: 90 minutes of movement will kick off the challenge, followed by 90 minutes of yoga and about an hours worth of meditation.

All activities will take place entirely on the yoga mat, so bring a comfy mat! Each participant and every discipline is led by a qualified teacher. No awards are given, just humbling personal satisfaction of completing this personal challenge is the intended takeaway. Don’t let the “T” word intimidate you! This triathlon challenge requires the synergy and group energy to achieve a transcendence in a non-competitive spirit.

Iron Open Mind

Conferences, workshops and a wellness market…oh my!

Conferences, introductory workshops and a wellness market will take place at The Bonsecours Island, which will be open to the public as of 12 pm Monday. Everyone is invited to participate in free introductory workshops to movement, yoga and meditation, as well as two conferences: the first on holistic nutrition and the other on loving oneself. Wellness exhibitions as well as health food kiosks will be available throughout the day.


4 ticket options are available:

1) Triathlon Ticket – 75$ (4-hour Triathlon)
2) Triathlon + Foodie Ticket – 90$ (4-hour Triathlon + Panthère Verte lunch box)
3) Triathlon + Yogi Ticket – 100$ (4-hour Triathlon + Yoga mat (given upon arrival))
4) Triathlon Experience Ticket – 115$ (4-hour Triathlon + Yoga mat (given upon arrival) +Panthère Verte lunch box)

BUY your ticket online!

*please note that the event is mainly in French.

Photo cover image credit: Andrée Allard Photographe and the Iron Open Mind Facebook page. 

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