Greeking out Over Pastries at Kamenitsa Bakery

Kamenitsa Bakery Greek Pastries

Sandwiched between the plateau and mile end is a family-run bakery that has been serving customers since 1950, Kamenitsa Bakery. 

Whether you’re all too familiar with this lovely Greek bakery but have been MIA for the last while, or you haven’t visited Kamenitsa yet, they recently did a complete overhaul of their shop. What was once a quick grab-n-go reception area has now been fully transformed into a cozy cafe where you can come for lunch and stay for dessert.


Kamenitsa Greek Cafe Bakery


Kamenitsa and her family have been serving Montrealers some of the best, most authentic Greek pastries and baked goods from the heart of the plateau on Fairmont. So we believe they know a thing or two about authentic Greek baked goods.

The folks behind this Plateau bakery know how to make every bite taste like home, and we’ve got a few recommendations for you to try.

CAKE. Let us eat cake. 

The custom-made birthday and holiday cakes are among my personal favourite (my mother has great taste when selecting these cakes for the family during the holiday season). It’s probably the one thing on the table that gets me in the holiday spirit. The lightness of the cake contains just the right amount of sweetness – ideal for someone who is craving the goods but would rather refrain from winding up in a sugar coma.

If you like SKOR bars, you are going to LOVE this pudding, whipped cream, cake flavour combo.

Custard+Philo+Cinnamon Pastry = Heaven

Kamenitsa Pastry Greek

I could have sworn this custard dish was made with apples. That’s some kind of culinary trickery to confuse my taste buds like that, and you can bet I would order it again.

Savoury mains

Ranging from sweet to savoury, Kamenista and fam are also known for their lunch menu, which includes Spanakopita and Mousaka.

Kamenitsa Lunch Mousaka


Their feta is probably my favourite that I’ve tried thus far at any restaurant in the city – but that shouldn’t be surprising.

It’s no secret that Montreal’s Greek community has enriched this city’s culture from every corner of the island, but if you frequent the plateau, we recommend making a point of visiting this family establishment.


You can find Kamenitsa Bakery at:

122 av. Fairmont O.
Montreal, QC




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