Kerastraight is One Smooth Operator

Last week, I discovered this magical product called Kerastraight. I would like to start off by saying that my hair has never been healthier or happier. It’s as if the protein mask magically zapped life back into my damaged locks. Ombré: the struggle is real.

You read that right folks, I willingly sacrificed my mane in the name of science and research to be ‘tested’ at the Kerastraight media event. I must say, it’s really worked out well in my favour so far. #NoRegrets but really though, Kerastraight is one smooth operator!

Please take note of Chloé’s before and after hair:


Talk about smooth results!


I had the privilege of meeting hairdresser, salon owner and entrepreneur Jez Barnette – founder of Kerastraight, and learning a bit about the product. Jez explained the benefits of getting the complimentary conditioning treatment. This semi-permanent hair conditioning treatment provides strength as it reinforces hair, and boosts shine. The result: beautifully conditioned, frizz-free hair. The keratin-rich product is comprised of 16 amino acids, and it contains a low ph protein derived from the amino acid Cysteine.

The product is safe for all hair types, which probably makes it one of the most democratic hair products on the market today.


Kerastraight Facts
Kerastraight Facts


Needless to say, the man is a genius. I suppose I can say that without sounding bias, considering I have a background in hair and aesthetics.

As part of our meet&greet, Jez gave me a hair consultation. After examining my sad locks (bleaching your hair is a necessary evil when trying to acheive ombré) and asking me a series of questions (ps: he’s quite the charmer), he concluded that I would be getting the protein treatment.

The treatments offered are either moisture or protein, so depending on your hair needs, the expert team at L’Ultime will guide you in the right direction.
Look, whatever is in that stuff worked wonders, so I highly suggest that you book an appointment, like right MEOW, and see/feel it for yourself.

Gorgeous made easy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

Print off the voucher or display it on your smartphone to get 20% off of your first treatment when you visit L’Ultime Coiffure-Spa.

Spring is here and summer is just around the corner, so you’ve gotta keep it fresh!

Where can I get a Kerastraight treatment?

L’Ultime Coiffure-Spa is located at 1010 Rue de la Gauchetiere (inside the hotel)


Everyone loves a deal. Show this coupon on your smartphone and get 20% off your first treatment!
Everyone loves a deal. Show this coupon on your smartphone and get 20% off your first treatment!


We would love to hear about your experience with Kerastraight! Drop us a line and let us know how it went!


Photo credit for all images: Sacha James

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