Le Quartier s’expose au Musée

Article written by Miss Maude

Photography courtesy of: Vivien Gaumand – Lolli Communication


Monday the 28th of October marked the third edition of “Le Quartier s’expose au Musée,” an evening that brings together some of the boutiques and restaurants that surround the Musée des Beaux-Arts. The event offers up the possibility to meet and greet a variety of merchants from sandwich restaurants, wig makers, and spas. Though eclectic, “Le Quartier s’expose au Musée” is interesting for that very reason; you never know who you will meet or what you will find.

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The event is also a reminder that the shops and boutiques surrounding the Musée des Beaux Arts are more accessible than they may seem at first glance. True, that area of town is not usually my first choice shopping destination, but it holds some gems that I will definitely have to visit in the near future.

For food, Nudabite was enamored with “Ô Plaisirs Gourmands,” a pastry shop and bakery that creates the most delicious and visually pleasing treats. Stop by at the Sherbrooke Street café on a rainy day for an almond croissant and hot coffee and daydream of sunnier pastures. For a different kind of lunch, “A la Saj,” a self-described “levantine sandwich shop” serves up tasty wraps, all made fresh on order. The wrap is made with traditional flat bread that I can best describe as a cross between a crêpe and a pita. And might I add that the prices are very affordable: a combo consisting of a cheese sandwich, zaater sandwich, salad and drink comes up to 6$. And for those poor students out there who never seem to eat their fill, Thursday’s are all-you-can-eat from 15:00 to 19:00 for a measly 10$.

The evening could not be complete without the usual fashion presentation. Unlike last year, where the organisers chose to have the more tradition catwalk setup, this year the models were made to stand on blocks and pose. It seemed fitting to have models set up almost like a museum installation. It also gave the public a better look at the garments and accessories.

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And finally, I have to mention two stores that are on my radar since this event. One is Anthony Sax, a shoe store located on Crescent. The shoes are beautifully designed and the quality is obviously an important aspect of the store’s ethos. The heels actually look comfortable to wear! You do get what you pay for, and since it’s so easy to have a love (how they look) / hate (how they feel) relationship with heels, it is my humble opinion that it is worth the investment.

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The second store that I must bring up is the Georges Laoun Opticien. The frames sold here are the most original and fun that I’ve ever seen. It almost makes me regret my decision to undergo Lasik some years back. Thankfully, the sunglasses are as crazy as the eyeglasses frames. I will definitely come here for my next pair!

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Musée des Beaux-Arts: 1380 Sherbrooke Street West, www.mbam.qc.ca

Ô Plaisirs Gourmands: 1490 Sherbrooke Street West

À la Saj: 2155 Mackay Street, www.alasaj.com

Anthony Sax: 2065 Crescent Street

Georges Laoun Opticien: 1396 Sherbrooke Street West, www.georgeslaoun.com

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