Lolë White Tour by Lolë Women in Old Montreal

Lolë White Tour by Lolë Women in Old Montreal


The annual Lolë White Tour made its most recent stop this morning in Old Montreal. Thanks to the help of the amazing volunteers (who were present to set up at 5:30 am!) and impeccable organization, the event ran efficiently and smoothly.

Lolë Women Presents: #WhiteTour 2015

Lolë Montreal White Tour

Nearly 6,500 yogis gathered in Old Montreal this morning to take part in this annual event. Attendees were dressed in uniform-like apparel – all or mostly white – seated on yellow mats and taking in the sunshine while grooving to the beats of Milk and Bone. It surely was a sight to see.

But why white? Dressing all in white is a symbolic gesture and nod to peace and living mindfully.

White Tour Sponsors

Oikos Lolë White Tour Montreal
Sofitel Lole Brunch


The Lolë White Tour was sponsored by Oikos, Hotel Sofitel and Neo Strata. Breakfast was provided in the VIP section by Sofitel, yogourts by Oikos were handed out in the general area (prior to the class), and box lunch was provided by Oikos for all attendees after the yoga session. Neo Strata was on-site to give samples and educate folks on the importance of proper skin care. The class was guided by 3 very enthusiastic yoga teachers in both English and French.

Fall: White by Lolë 2015 Collection Preview

Lolë Women Fall Collection 2015

The fall White by Lolë 2015 collection draws elements of futurism, modern elegance and high-functionality. Grey-pewter tones and black dominates the athletic apparel, while white still maintains a presence in their yoga pieces. The idea behind the looks are studio to street style, which places convenience as a high priority.

Mesh and spandex with a subtle shimmer are the characteristics of the core materials used, combined with golden details on the jacket and leggings. The collection is expected to be in stores by the end of September or early October. Stay Nuda-tuned!

Lole Fall Collection

Lole Fall Collection Jacket


So, great weather, good vibes and a fall collection not to be missed. In short, the event couldn’t have been more perfect and I do encourage you to check it out next year.

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