Meet The Purrr-sonalities @ Cat Cafe MTL!!

Sidy Bou and Séa taking a snooze at Cat Cafe MTL
Sidy Bou and Séa taking a snooze at Cat Cafe MTL

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of chatting cats and coffee with Nadine Spencer – co-creator of Cat Cafe MTL – about the concept and vision she and her business partner Youssef Labib have been working on over the past couple of months. They wanted to create an entirely new venue in Montreal – mixing latte’s   and cat-owner culture in one space, to give pet-free folks the opportunity to grab a bite or cup of java in purry company.

Nadine introduced me to 7 of the 8 fabulous felines which will be greeting customers with open paws come early August. Whoa (or, MEOW!) that’s like, 2 weeks away!!

Say hello to the stars of Cat Cafe MTL!

The dynamic duo are working with SPCA Montreal to raise awareness about pet adoption! Royal Canin will be the in-house cat chow supplier, so these little nuggets will be provided with proper nourishment for the best nom’ing around. Royal Canin products will be available for sale at the cafe, so if you happen to already be a cat owner, you can bring your munchkins home a ‘kitty’ bag – get it? KITTY BAG? ha..ha…

Beyond the novelty of running a cat cafe, Nadine and Youssef would like to emphasize the importance of adoption and promoting animal rights. Cat Cafe MTL wishes to spread awareness of feline wellness (as well, answer any questions on how to adopt a cat from the SPCA) so information will be provided on-site for those who are interested.

Don’t have a hairy over sanitation – the cats will be separated from any food-holding areas in the cafe, with restricted access from the kitchen. They will be living the good life – apart from the copious amounts of affection they will be receiving from customers – in the privacy of their own, well….cat den. (na na na na na na na na CAT DEN!)

There the cats can snooze, lounge around, eat, poop and just be cats.

Fun fact: this is not only the first cat cafe in Montreal, but the first of it’s kind in North America! Nadine and Youssef were also the first to register the concept here in Montreal.


Check out their website, follow them on Facebook, or pop by once they are open for business at 3435 St. Denis (Sherbrooke metro)

Will YOU be visiting Cat Cafe MTL? Hope to see you there!!





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