The Minimalist Packing List For International Travel

Converse Boots Black
Photo Credit: Sepideh Chegini

It’s that time of year again. I’m heading back to Dublin Ireland for the largely famed international Web Summit. Since this will be my second trip to the Emerald Isle – likewise my second journey overseas – I’ve created a list of 10 minimalist packing tips to share with you.

Last year, I overestimated how much I would need for the trip. For this journey, I’ve traded my Canon SLR in for an iPhone 6plus, and swapped my MacBook Pro for an 11 inch MacBook Air. Below, you will see a simple carry-on complete with clothing, accessories, technology and cosmetics that will easily last 9 days.

Minimalist packing

Last year, I over-packed. So I promised myself that I would do my best to adopt a minimalist packing attitude for this trip. Considering my taste in apparel tends to be monochromatic and simple, I made sure to keep the theme consistent with everything I packed.

Since we’ll be covering a lot ground on this journey, my clothing options also need to be multi-purposeful. From hiking trips along the coastal line to the south, Halloween parties, Google office visits and 3 days worth of networking at Web Summit. Plus, Dublin tends to have inconsistent weather patterns that can change at the drop of a hat, so I need to be ready for anything.

Some view a monochrome as boring or lack-lustre. I say the opposite.
Most of the events that I attend involve minimal make-up. However, since I adopted this new silvery-lavender ombré ‘do (courtesy of my super-amazing hairdresser Louise Olsen at M2 Coiffeur), I’ve become increasingly conscious of the fact that I look like a character from the walking dead – minus the gore, awful complexion and Kanye West’s latest line of apparel

1. Make-up, creams and basic hygiene

Minimalist packing make up cosmetics

As a result, I’ve decided there’s no harm in wearing dark lipstick and slathering on some BB cream to even my skin tone, so of course these items made my minimalist packing list.
Also included are all the samples that I’ve received at some of the media events I’ve attended throughout the year (I’ve finally found a use for them).

2. Pro tip: pre-pack your liquids in a clear ziplock (not seen here), which will save you time and the hassle during security checks. The items in the middle Clinique bag are all I need for 9 days of travel. Best part: I won’t need that space when traveling back to Canada, so any souvenirs I purchase can take up that space instead.

Also not seen here: curling iron, and in the name of love and family, included a box of liquorice tea at my cousins request.

3. Tops

Tops and sweaters

I packed 2 white T-shirts as my basic wardrobe staples to be worn under a sweatshirt or my leather jacket on warmer days. Neutrals and stripes are ideal for anyone looking to  adopt minimalist packing skills and remain stylish while abroad. 

4. Pants


Okay, so maybe calling them ‘pants’ is a bit of a ‘stretch’ (ha! get it?). While some may swear AT them, I swear BY leggings (haters need not apply). No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. They are indeed all black. If I’m feeling fancy, the lambskin leggings and white T paired with my faux-leather jacket are where it’s at.

5. Skirts


Fall and wool-blend skirts go together like Netflix and Chill, except chances are you’re going out. A neutral toned skirt is Dublin appropriate with wool-blended fabrics. No matter how much running around I do from one summit to another, at least I’ll be comfortable.

6. ‘The’ Dress

Navy evening dress

My minimalist packing tips includes a simple dress that can be combined with runners or boots. Business casual is a thing, you know? One simple, navy dress is all I need for a night out.

7. Undergarments, shoes, etc.

Pack Minimalist Nike Black Hat

Mandatory items included sunglasses, a neutral Nisse scarf, RW&co shawl (for those chilly nights), Converse rain boots, Nike runners, New Balance fluorescent yellow sports bra, several pairs of socks and undies and my signature black hat (worn while traveling to avoid any awkward bends in the luggage).

Converse Chuck Taylor Black boots
These beauties are perfect for Dublin’s rainy weather. Photo credit: Sepideh Chegini

8. Tech and accessories (mandatory!)

Recently, I decided to treat myself to a fancy new 11′ MacBook Air, because it was time for an upgrade. This helped significantly with making my travelling experience lighter. This device is compact, sleek, and fits perfectly in my purse.

MacBook Air March 2015

The iPhone 6plus, will be used to document my trip in photos, videos and manage social media updates with ease. There’s no need to bring along my heavy Canon when the camera on this phone does the trick. Bonus: download VSCOcam and install the presets to make edits in a pinch.

My Bowers and Wilkins headphones are always with me. I’ve never experienced such clarity while listening to music as I have with these. Forget beats by Dre, toss ’em and do yourself a solid by opting for these Bowers and Wilkins instead.

9. Cellular: all-you-can-eat data

Upon arrival to the Dublin airport, you can purchase a SIM card for a local cellular company if you mobile device is unlocked. Cards can be purchased at the Spar (a common ‘dep’ in Ireland) which is located in the airport ‘food court’ area. I don’t have my phone unlocked, so I’m going to use wifi around the town.

10. Hailo is to Dublin as Uber is to Montreal

If you can, download the app. Otherwise, Hailo can be found throughout the town. Don’t worry, it’s not illegal, so you won’t have to sit in the front (get with it, city of Montreal!).

There ya have it. My tips and tricks for minimalist packing like a pro!

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