Montreal Fashion Week Day One: Pedram and UNTTLD

Pedram MFW

Written by: Jessica Nudo

Photography by: Bobby Leon and Tristan Harris


Day one of Montreal Fashion Week brought a variety of designs….and emotions.

When I say ‘variety’ I mean, this as more of a hit or a miss. Same goes with the emotions. We either loved what we saw or we….well, felt the complete opposite.

Now while I won’t get into my opinions just yet (I’m saving that for my over-all critique of Fashion Week) the point of this segment is to highlight my personal favourites of Day UNO.

Pedram was a total hit –  his designs were on point with his signature minimalistic style – and during this show, he featured original backpacks and footwear.

What I like most about Pedram is his ability to create cutting-edge designs which stem from simplistic modernity. The palette of his spring/summer line are classic and neutral, a clearly suitable choice for this classic thinker.

Although there has been a recent surge in minimalist aesthetics, it’s nice to see that Pedram is doing it right and setting the bar for those who choose to follow. And they better werk.

Can we just agree that nothing beats androgynous threads? I mean, really- when you can crash at your significant other’s and opt to wear their styles without having to worry about a garment looking too ‘butch’ or ‘femme’ you know you’ve found the right fashion-binary hotspot. Wether you’re crashing at a lady-friends, man-friends or person-friends – rooting through their closet just got more exciting. Remind me that I need to crash at Pedrams sometime soon.



DarkStar323 (1 of 1)-1

DarkStar338 (1 of 1)


DarkStar335 (1 of 1)-1

DarkStar324 (1 of 1)-1


As usual, UNTTLD impressed the masses with my favourite combination of black-white everything. What’s not to love about the classic chic designs by the darling duo Simon and Jose?

Personally, I loved their opening piece. A bright white pant suit -business-sexual has never looked so good.

Monochromatic, black & white will get you everywhere (especially the key to my heart). A-symmetrical cuts, blending sheer and full coverage in all the right places.

Well done boys. Well done indeed.

Photos by Raphaelle Bob Garcia










Sheer Black Everything.
Sheer Black Everything.







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