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We write a significant number of articles on food. Living in Montreal, who can blame us? So where do you go to burn off the week’s indulgences? Of course, this city is not without a cluttered list of fitness hot spots (thanks a mill, Groupon!). Deciding where to go is nearly a workout of it’s own, particularly if you’re the kind of fitness fanatic who likes to mix things up.
If your workout consists of alternating between high-impact cardio, weight training to calmer, more controlled movements such as pilates and yoga, we have the perfect mix of fitness classes for you to check out!
Allow us to shed some light so you can shed those pounds with piece of mind. Two health clubs and one gorgeous studio that warrant a visit from your booty this year — or hopefully, before summer!

Contrology Pilates in Westmount

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For the get lean, eat green and less mean workout, might we suggest a classical technique? Contrology Pilates is first on our list. This fully equipped wellness boutique and pilates training studio is putting classical pilates back on the map.

We hold loads of confidence in the trainers at Contrology Pilates, and not only because we experienced their training first-hand. The classical pilates method as developed by Joseph Pilates, has undergone a major transition. When you over-tweak the principles of classic pilates, you end up with the fitness equivalent of a faux Birkin on Canal street. Don’t know about you, but we don’t have time for that.

Training with the experts makes a huge difference during your practice. Try it out and see for yourself!

Who is it good for?

Pilates is a form of exercise that is suitable for anyone who wants to add a lean-building technique to their fitness regime*

Where: 1373 Green Ave. Westmount

Midtown Sanctuaire in Outremont – Spinning

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Midtown Montreal is presently the only location available in Canada, and if you’ve ever stepped foot into this luxurious fitness club, you could understand why! A gym this beautiful cannot be duplicated — at least within the same area code, which would suggest the prestige that comes with being a member. Now, while you may get the impression that a club like this comes with certain social stereotypes, this couldn’t be farther from reality. If you are looking for a fitness club that prides itself on community, you’ve gotta check out Midtown Sanctuaire.

Well, we tried their spinning class and it was quite the motivating and sweaty experience. We loved it!

Who is it good for?

Spinning is ideal for the adrenaline junkie who wants to play it safe, and anyone who is up for a heart-pumping challenge*

Where: 6105 ave du Boisé

Mansfield Downtown Montreal – Bootcamp, Yoga, Personal Training

Built in a renovated theater, Mansfield Montreal has everything you need in the downtown core. Conveniently located steps away from Saint Catherine street, this is the perfect gym to frequent before, during or at the end of your busy work day. The on-site bistro prepares tasty, healthy dishes with locally sourced produce, and the smoothies are incredible.
With a variety of group class exercises, crossfit, personal training and yoga — the options are endless.

Feeling sore from your previous workout? Visit their health clinic and book an appointment with one of their massage therapists! And of course, the spa is a great way to unwind after a long day of day’s work – whether you’ve worked out or just need some RnR time to chill.

We LOVED their menu and boot-camp classes, but our personal favourite is the atrium where the yoga

Who is it good for?

Anyone who has been searching for that aesthetically pleasing ‘jack-of-all-trades’ gym*

Where: 1230 Mansfield


**We advise that you always check in with your health professional before beginning a fitness regime. While these fitness suggestions are suitable for most, anyone experiencing health issues or concerns should check in with a doctor before beginning a program**

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