Spring Perfect: Pleather Weather in Montreal

Spring Style Montreal Pleather Weather Black Converse Boots

Keeping in line with our 30 day vegan challenge, we are trading leather weather for pleather weather. Seen here is the perfect faux leather jacket by Joe Fresh, which is a perfect match for your ensemble year-round! After all, it is Montreal – where we live in constant uncertainty when it comes to the weather.

Walking Into Spring 2016 Pleather Weather Ready!

Green has long been a favourite, particularly a deeper shade of teal. If you want to break up the all-black outfit, this is a great shade to work with.

Layering is another fashionable technique that us Montrealers use on a regular basis. Layering has become so engrained in our style, that it’s no longer just about survival during the cooler months. Layering your outfits means that when you leave the house in the morning and it’s +5 with a high of about +13, you should be prepared for a fluctuation with give or take 10 degrees.

Spring Style Montreal Pleather Weather Black Converse Boots

A pleather jacket will keep you dry in the rain will and your heart won’t break if it gets wet. Another notable mention to add to your must-have list of spring-worthy items, are the Converse rain boots. These beauties are sure to keep your feet feeling dry and looking stylish. Oh, and they are super comfortable to wear! These boots are also vegan friendly, taking pleather weather from your head down to your toes in typical Montreal style.

Jessica Converse Boots Montreal Spring Girl Outfit of the day Fashion blog

Other honourable mentions in this outfit post are:

Leggings: Cory Vines

Purse: ECCO (we know, this is not vegan. But it’s cute as heck, right?)

Teal Button-Down Blouse: Icone

Black Vest: Maison Margiela

Lips: Estée Lauder Lipstick in Stronger

Eye wear: Bon Look

Necklace: Ardene

All photography shot by Sepideh Chegini 

Now go out there and shop responsibly!



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