Eat, Drink and Dance the Moomba!

Osso Buco Moomba Laval Supper Club

Nuda and co. made a recent trip the 450 to check out the new menu at Moomba in Laval. Moomba is a supper club (located just off Highway 13) that offers great food, a solid drink menu and transforms into a dance club sometime after 11pm. It’s almost like Cinderella attending an Italian wedding, only to turn into a dance machine before midnight. We know it’s not your typical childhood story, but a rather accurate example of what you can expect when attending a supper club in the greater Montreal area!

Note: the food is not exclusively Italian, but they do make a killer Osso Buco that would impress even the most fickle Nonno and Nonna.

Speaking of food, let’s get to it.


  • Oyster Shots
  • Cheese Burger Dumplings
  • Calamari
  • Shrimp Dim Sum
  • Salmon Tartare
Salmon Tartar Moomba Laval Supper Club
Salmon tartare
Moomba Laval Supper Club
Oyster shots, calamari and dumplings. Oh my!

These appetizers set our appetites and raised out expectations for what was to come. The immense satisfaction that comes from eating an oyster remains unparalleled. So when they put them into shots it sweetened the deal. Only thing we weren’t crazy about was the high salt content of the Clamato, but that’s to be expected.

The salmon tartare was fresh, well flavoured and left us craving more – but we needed to save room for the mains!

The Mains

  • Short Ribs
  • Osso Buco
  • Baked Salmon

I opted for the Short Ribs, while my colleague enjoyed the Osso Buco, and boy they were delicious! The Osso Buco was worth writing home about (see: posting on Instagram). Both dishes: Nudapproved and fit to feed to our respective Italian families (and they are a picky bunch, trust us!).

Osso Buco Moomba Laval Supper Club
Osso Buco
Moomba Laval Supper Club
Short Rib

These two dishes were sinfully delicious. Each seasoned and cooked to perfection – the meat fell off the bone (sorry vegetarian friends <3 ). By the end of these dishes, we just couldn’t eat another bite, but dessert was still to make an appearance.



  • Strawberry Tiramisu
  • White chocolate cheesecake
Moomba Laval Supper Club
Strawberry tiramisu and white chocolate cake with fruit coulis.

By the end of the night, it definitely was beginning to feel like we were at an Italian wedding. I for one was wondering when the heck the bride was going to make an appearance. I mean, the food just kept coming and the music was starting to kick in (along with the wine…).

Well played Moomba, well played indeed.

Be sure to check out Moomba online to view the specials!

Moomba is located at 1780 av. Pierre Peladeau Laval QC

*Not seen here: the original menu also features steak, and pasta.

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