Photos From Morning Gloryville Montreal

It’s quite rare that my morning begins at 5:00 am. I’m the kinda gal who likes to rise with the sun, anything before just feels inhumane. Given than Vincent and I had a Team Nudabite sleepover the night before, we had our in-house support system to get us out the door. Morning Gloryville Montreal, we did this all for you! Who needs beauty sleep, anyways?

Truth be told, when a morning rave, good vibes, deep house music, yoga, kombucha and the sweetest of massages are being offered, I will wake up whenever the heck you want me to – think of me as being ‘on-call’.

These gifts and offerings provided by Morning Gloryville Montreal and their generous sponsors, exceeded our expectations and more than made up for the early morning hustle to the venue.

MGVMTL: The Morning After

Check out the photos and see for yourself!

Looks exciting, doesn’t it? Good thing they are making this event a monthly deal!

Check out Morning Gloryville Montreal on Facebook for details to the next event.

Hint: It’s happening on March 11th and the location is yet to be confirmed, but you can purchase your tickets in advanced.


You DON’T want to miss out. Trust us.

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