Morning Gloryville Montreal – Dance Your Way Into The Day

Morning Gloryville Montreal Dance Party
Morning rave, anyone?

The cock-a-doodle-dooers are the people who say YES to life. Don’t you want to say YES to life?

One of the biggest complaints I hear from friends and acquaintances relates to the ‘daily grind’. It seems like every day brings with it a case of the Mondays.

Wouldn’t it be amazing to start every day off with a dance party? Well you should start tomorrow, because Morning Gloryville is making it a reality!

What started in London, 2013 has now become a global party. Hundreds of thousands of pairs of happy feet have danced across 13 different cities, crossing major cities in four continents: San Francisco, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Tokyo, Amsterdam,  Barcelona, Paris, Zurich, Bangalore, Dublin, Liverpool and Brighton. And the fun doesn’t stop here, as these glorious morning dance parties will be popping up throughout 2015.

Having the time of her life at Morning Gloryville
Having the time of her life at Morning Gloryville

I had the pleasure of chatting with Justin, co-organizer of Morning Gloryville Montreal. We both agreed that every day should start off on a high note, and with an abundance of energy.

“Every day is such a gift! Sure, somedays things don’t go well, but we want to help people start their day off with positivity, happiness and great energy.” experience the positive side

How would you like to be fully present, get your energy up and go to work more connected to people, yourself and have the best day EVER!

Here’s the breakdown:

Show up, get a massage, treat yo-self to a coffee, smoothie or breakfast snacky. Then, dance it off or stretch it out.
Sounds like a pretty sweet deal, huh?


“We can make our own happiness we are open to more possibilities”


Morning Gloryville Montreal
Morning Gloryville knows how to throw a party!!


That’s all there is to it. Peace and love, y’all.


When: February 5th 2015

Time: 6:30 am until 10am

Where: Loft Hotel



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