Make Green Beer for St. Paddy’s Day – The Natural Way

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It’s almost time to get your Irish on! St. Paddy’s is upon us once again, which means for one day people of all backgrounds are turning Irish! Getting your shamrock on whether you’re celebrating in Dublin or – Dublin’s sister city Montreal, generally involves drinking green beer and consuming copious amounts of Jameson.

While the green food dye used to colour the frosty pints may be worrisome for those of us who tend to be wary of artificial food colourings, there are three alternatives – and we are more than happy to share with you.

How to Make Green Beer For St. Paddy’s Without Food Colouring

Depending on your brew, we have a few recommendations for you to paint your palette green. There are benefits to colouring your beer green with these three superfoods. We tend to forget to nourish our body when we’re out partying up a storm on St. Paddy’s, which makes our hangovers even more intense the day after. Of course, mixing some naturally healthy greens into your pint will not prevent the hangover fairy from paying you a visit, but it can help! Also important to hydrate where possible.

The Sweet: Spirulina

Spirulina is a plant-based protein supplement that can be added to create a vibrant green colour. This powder is incredibly high in protein and has amazing health benefits. We recommend adding half of a teaspoon of the powder – which should be enough for one pint.

Recommended brews: IPA

The Bitter: Wheatgrass

Wheatgrass powder packs a punch and works beautifully when paired with the right flavours.

Recommended brews: IPA and fruit flavoured beers. We suggest adding this to a light to amber shade brew, with flavour notes that are light enough yet pronounced to cut any wheatgrass traces.

The Fresh: Chlorophyl

Drinking chlorophyl in a morning smoothie is tasty, but how does it measure up in beer? Since the flavour is light and the pigmentation is highly concentrated, this makes chlorophyl an ideal substitute for green food dye in green beer.

Recommended brews: IPA, amber tones and medium red lager.

The Early Riser: Irish Coffee

Irish coffee should be mandatory year ’round, but particularly on St. Paddy’s Day – for obvious reasons!
Add the creamer of your choice – milk, soy, almond, cashew, etc. You’ll need a light base to work with.
Add one shot of Jameson and a drop of chlorophyl. The freshness of the chlorophyl will compliment the Jameson.
You could also use Bailey’s for this recipe. In fact, this too should be mandatory – granted that you aren’t doing a 30 day vegan challenge like our Editor-in-Chief…

The Straight Shooter: Mean Green Jameson

This one’s simple. Take a shot of Jameson and add one drop of Chlorophyl and enjoy the minty benefits that will surely freshen your breath and leave you make-out worthy throughout the night.

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