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Niucoco (NIU means coconut in aboriginal Hawaiian) is a Canadian-based line of professional hair care, and one of the few all-natural professional lines of products on the market.

From concept to sales in just shy of 2 years, the crown jewel of professional grade natural hair care is available for conscious consumers and beauty fanatics alike. Clearly, this demands coverage on

Niucoco – how it all started

Coconut oil: this medium chain triglyceride has exploded in popularity, and has become integrated in our every day life from beauty to culinary. Niucoco was born from this growing trend, but with a particular goal in mind. The company’s founder James La, had a vision for an all-natural product that would provide concrete benefits from this sacred oil.

Two years ago, James traveled back to Vietnam to reconnect with his father and ventured on a path of re-discovery that would forever change his life. He met with a man who would later become the key ingredient supplier for – you guessed it, coconut oil.
This serendipitous business encounter took them both by surprise. James was introduced to an engineer retiree from Canada, now turned coconut oil extraction guru. He kept the process simple, yet effective to extract a maximum amount without hindering quality.

After 100 iterations of the shampoo concocted by Niucoco’s chief scientist Yasmine Ishmael, (scents, to variations of formulation, consumer testing and research) the Niucoco team put together a test bed of 120 willing volunteers. You can bet that the feedback was positive.

There are a number of reasons why this product is so successful. From the fresh scent of the shampoo and conditioner – null and void of anything chemical. To the beachy, yummy, fragrant deliciousness of the serum. Consumers are tapping into their powers, because after all, the natural product division for beauty & body care are the fastest growing trend in the market right now.
So what is Niucoco hoping for? With a humble outlook, they are simply looking for consumer satisfaction, and hope that people will be happy with their products.

Plain and simple.

Niucoco Haircare all natural
Niucoco all natural haircare coconut oil vegan

Niucoco launched with three simple-but-necessary products, with plans for product expansion. A culinary line is not likely, as they are sticking to beauty, but growth is evident. We at Nudabite are keeping our fingers crossed for a body oil equivalent to their sensational hair serum.

Coconut, the “fruit of life”

Did you know that:

Coconut fibre is used to make car seats? These fibres are also used to create beds and even helmets!
All compositions of this fruit can be used in multi platforms, just look around the grocery store! Food, water, hair care, body oils, essential oils and beyond. If there was a jack of all trades in the fruit family, it would be the coconut.

Sure we’ve seen the fad grow and die down, but despite what the nay-sayers have to yap about, coconuts are at the core of multiple consumerism channels. Clearly, all-natural product users have an overall sense and urgency to support quality over quantity. I suppose we’re all a little coo coo for coconuts.

Niucoco Haircare
Niucoco Shampoo $29, Conditioner $33, Hair Serum $50 or complete trio package $99. All listed in USD*

Important Takeaways for Niucoco

  • natural de-tangler in product
  • shampoo does the detangling as well as conditioner, but shampoo is said to be highly effective
  • free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates
  • safe to use everyday as the product is free of stripping agents
  • Think Dirty App approved (reached a score of 0-3, on toxicity)
  • respecting high-grade standards (in line with the company’s vision)
  • vegan-friendly ingredients
  • final product not tested on animals, includes suppliers ingredients
  • coconuts are hand-picked coconuts (by humans) prior to extraction

If you needed another reason to love this brand, Niucoco also has a giving back program. Yes, they do. “At the end of the year, a portion of our proceeds are donated directly to various entities which support child welfare, single-parent households and animal rights.” Folks are encouraged to join in their philanthropic endeavours to preserve the planet and communities (who’s cutting onions?!?).

To contact them to find out more or see how you can get involved, shoot them an email:

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