Move Over Chapters, Victoria’s Secret is The New Sheriff in Town

Victoria's Secret Angels courtesy of
Victoria's Secret Angels
Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret Moves In On Chapters Current Location. Photo source: @nudabite on instagram

The internet went cray cray yesterday afternoon when news leaked that Victoria’s Secret had announced the opening of a second flagship store right here in Montreal! While it will be the second store location in Quebec (the first is located in Laval), it’s safe to say that the downtown location will be a buzz of excitement for men and women alike.

Victoria's Secret
Victoria’s Secret

The bummer factor is that it will be taking up prime real-estate where Chapters currently exists on the corner of Stanley at Sainte-Catherine. Looks like we’ll be exchanging books for bras – which sounds rather unfortunate when you really think about it. Or does it? I’m so conflicted on this one!

The store will become the second largest in North America, next to NYC’s Midtown Manhattan location. Interestingly enough, La Senza will be a close neighbour just across the street, but it won’t be weird since Victoria’s Secret purchased La Senza several years ago. This might be considered the European equivalent of living within close proximity of your family.  No biggie.

So there ya have it, a Chapter closes and a lingerie store opens.

But will there be angels? Here’s hoping!

Victoria's Secret Angels courtesy of
Victoria’s Secret Angels



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