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Travel changes you and gives you a whole new perspective on life. It also teaches you how to do more with less and reinforces my desire to spend money on experiences, not things.

In 2014, I took a trip to a tech conference in Dublin, Ireland that would forever change my life personally and professionally. Travel became a gateway to inspiration, allowed me to reconnect with myself and grow in ways that I can’t explain. Travelling should be experienced by everyone at some point in their life.

Somewhere above the Atlantic Ocean on an early morning flight below the cotton candy clouds. Purely bliss to wake up to during a red-eye in 2014.

On each adventure, I was able to experience the local culture, enjoy the food and entertainment and connect with incredible people who helped me get the most out of my journey.

But as much as travel can be relaxing, it is not without stressful moments. That’s why we opted into a rewards program to leverage enjoyable opportunities for future escapes. When you invest in an experience, it’s not completely irrational to think that you can travel with peace of mind.

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When you’re first starting out, traveling can seem quite overwhelming. Knowing how to pack and researching wanderlust best practices can seem daunting, so that’s why I’ve put together this article to help guide your next trip. Think of it as a checklist made with love that has already passed the trial and error phase.

En route to Calgary for the Beakerhead festival!

Carry-on Only! How to Pack Lightly

Minimalism is one of the many habits that I adopted as I traveled more, in the physical sense.
I tend to craft travel capsules that are no bigger than a hard-shell carry-on; no matter if I’m traveling for one or three weeks. It’s all about that minimalist living while on the road or up in the air.

For example, I maintain the carry-on only rule since my trips have been more about the experience than lugging excess baggage, which let’s be honest, can make travel a painfully annoying experience. Not only is traveling with a carry-on a great way to eliminate the clutter of excess baggage, it also eliminates the risk of having your baggage lost by the airline.

Aeroplan Travel Rewards Program

After my first trip, I began to implement travel ‘rules’ for packing and preparation and signing up for a rewards membership that would allow me to take advantage of the many trips I would take with Star Alliance partner airlines.

Little did I know that three years of traveling semi-regularly and optimizing my shopping adventures with a rewards plan would allow me to get the most out of my experiences just by signing up.

I was thrilled to learn that Aeroplan was launching a revamped program outlined with six commitments that would ensure the company’s longevity by transforming travel planning into an extraordinary experience to better connect customers with the people, places and moments that matter most.

By July 2020, Aeroplan members will be able to:

Select seating from an increased selection from any participating airline
Have the power to reach their travel plans faster
Be offered a complete travel offering in one place with access to additional travel products including accommodations, activities, and packages
Receive unmatched flexibility, convenience and payment options with more than 150 partner brands and on all cash bookings made with Aeroplan
Enjoy a more personalized journey that’s more rewarding and tailored to your needs
Expect an altogether transformed user experience with advanced technologies (yay tech!)

Web Summit. The catalyst to my lust for wandering the planet. The fastest growing international tech conference moved from Dublin to Lisbon in 2016 to accommodate the growing attendance.
Beautiful Lisboa! Seen here is a view from above the bridge near Pink Street in Bairro Alto. Portugal holds a special place in my <3


The nice part of having rewards is that you get to treat yourself with the luxury of traveling – which for me personally has played a pivotal role in my personal growth journey. The concept that hard-earned dollars are getting a second life via travel points is rewarding.
After doing a fair share of traveling, my experienced perspective also includes registering for a travel rewards program that includes the airlines you travel with regularly. They often have additional perks, as well as have partnerships where it matters.

Invest in Travel-Friendly Technologies

Whether hardware or software, the evolution of tech is something that has allowed me to travel so lightly. When it was time to get a new laptop, I opted for the super light 11” MacBook Air. Not ideal for editing, but it’s so compact that it fits comfortably in most handbags.
A mobile phone with a decent camera will also save you from running over your weight limit. That means more room for souvenirs and maybe even a new pair of shoes if you visit a country known for producing quality footwear – they often make the best souvenir. Speaking of mobile, download the Aeroplan app in advance to be sure you’re not missing out.

Now you’re ready to go! Don’t forget: keep it light and make sure you’re taking advantage of those travel miles.

Time to pack your best Canadian tuxedo and explore the world!

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