Pancake Tuesday at Fabergé

Pancakes on a lazy Sunday are pretty much standard across the board, but what if I told you that you could experience the most epic stackable brunch experience on a Tuesday? Yes, it’s going going down on a Tuesday, and this meal of epic proportions can be washed down with a milkshake.

Last Tuesday I was treated to a decadent breakfast after working my tail off at a spinning class, so you could say this was well deserved. The good folks at Fabergé presented the most stunning stack of pancakes that brought tears of joy to my eyes. Not only were they tasty and well crafted, the flavours were dynamic and the texture combination was oh-so satisfying.

So fresh, so delish, so sexy.

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Oh, and the milkshake that nearly brought down the house? It’s birthday cake is reinvented that you can drink through a straw! The shake will run you around $10 and the pancakes range from $10-$14. While the pancake and shake menu will change from week to week, you can expect that everything will be over-the-top and instagram-worthy. Special shout out to Chez Boris for the donut, which I am now craving.

Milkshake Fabergé Montreal Brunch pink blue birthday cake
Milkshake Fabergé Montreal Brunch pink blue birthday cake

David Orellana is the chef in charge of the #PancakeTuesday specials at Fabergé, and trust me when I say his creations are what dreams are made of.

Follow David at @cheflifemtl on Instagram, and tag him and Fabergé in any creative pancakes you come across on Insta  – because they are always on the lookout for a new recipes to reinvent. Fabergé is featuring a different pancake every week, and because consistency is boring, they want YOU to inspire their pancake menu!

Be sure to check out Fabergé on Instagram and use the #pancaketuesday handle to share your shots – they love a good regram.

Pancake Tuesday is happening every Tuesday at Fabergé. You can find them at 25 Fairmount Ouest in the Mile End, and they are open from 8 am until 3 pm.

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