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It’s no surprise that Canada is home to some of the best vineyards in North America. From Quebec’s Eastern Townships to Niagara region and British Columbia. The local talents of Canadian wineries should never be over-looked.

Our rich soil and favourable weather conditions translates into a tasty variety of grapes, which in turn produce even tastier wines. Whether you prefer red, white or a seasonal rosé, the options to visit Canadian and Quebec wineries are plentiful.

Quebec Wineries with Kava Tours

Kava Tours

Recently, we explored three Quebec wineries in the Eastern Townships with Kava Tours. The benefits of visiting wineries with a tour bus means you can enjoy the beautiful scenery en route without the hassle of driving. The bonus of having a tour guide adds value to this educational and enriching over-all experience.

From the lovely rosé at Pigeon Hill, to the fun and educational mixology course at Val Caudalies, we would recommend this trip to wine lovers and curious minds alike. Awaken your taste buds to the delicious local wines of Quebec, learn how make drinks with local products, and enjoy apple cider wine in the great outdoors.

Our summers are too short, so you don’t want to miss this.


Here are several of excursion tours that Kava Tours offers:

Natural Wine Excursion – Limited Edition

This package offers insight into what motivates winemakers to create the most organic wines possible – without the use of chemicals. The tour provides a unique experience to visit and taste three separate wineries, and learn first hand about the passions which drive these winemakers in the industry.

Featuring: Restaurant et bar à vin nature, Les 3 Petits Bouchons
Destination: leave Montreal for Les Pervenches Winery, Pigeon Hill and Clos Saragnat in the Eastern Townships.
When: Saturday August 8th and 29th. There are currently 23 spaces available for each date.
Cost: 129 $ per person (taxes not included)

What you get:
– Transportation in the Kava Tours mini bus
– Guided by: Xavier Burini (sommeiller of 3 Petits Bouchons)
– Workshop on wine culture
– Wine tasting for each winery
– Lesson on permaculture
– Food and wine pairings from Pigeon Hill Winery, which includes local and organic products.

Pigeon Hill Eastern Townships Winery Wine
Pigeon Hill


Mixology Excursion – Limited Edition

Did somebody say: cocktail excursion?! We sure did! Participants will learn how to concoct the perfect cocktail, using local product belonging to three local wineries: two wine and one cider. This tasteful and educational mixology discovery lesson will also offer a taste pairing  menu involving locally farmed products. Participants will experience this exclusive tasting and learn more a bit more about where each dish comes from regionally.

Wine Country Quebec wineries eastern townships mountains hills green blue summer luxury living

Mixology Quebec Wineries Eastern Townships

Featuring: Proxibar and Bar Le Lab
Destination: leave Montreal for Bromont, Pinnacle, and Val Caudalies.
Dates: les dimanches 28 juin et 9 août. 23 places disponibles par date
Cost: $129 per person (taxes not included)

What you get:
– Travel in a mini bus
– Tour guide : Gabrielle Panaccio, mixologist and co-owner of Proxibar and bar Le Lab.
– Mixology kit
– Cocktail workshop
– Meal courtesy of Val Caudalies winery, including local products and pairing with your prepared cocktail.

Mixology Quebec Wineries Eastern Townships
Eastern Townships Quebec Wineries Salmon Gourmet

Mixology Quebec Wineries Eastern Townships

A La Carte Tours:

Kava Tours is presently offering winery and cider tours à la carte. These exclusive tastings will allow guests to visit the ‘behind the scenes’ of a vineyard with a winemaker as a private tour. 

These visits will cost between $30 to $45 for two people,  offered exclusively through Kava Tours with select wineries: Val Caudalies, Clos Saragnat and Bromont.

Mixology Quebec Wineries Eastern Townships

Kava Tours Wineries


To book a tour or for more information, contact Kava Tours online.

Happy tasting!




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