Healthy, Delicious & Booze-Free Recipes with SodaStream

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Consuming anything cold in the winter-y months seems silly to some (myself included), but sometimes you just need a refreshing beverage to perk you up. Sodastream has your back this holiday season! Bonus points for booze-free options, because calories.

These zero alcohol options give you all the perks of holiday goodness minus the additional caloric intake and, umm, hangovers.

Booze-Free Tasty Holiday Cocktails with Sodastream

Mambo Italiano Orangina Sodastream DIY

When nostalgia knocked at our door, you can bet we answered with a smile. Anyone raised in the 80’s, that makes even the most jaded Catholic-expat, Canadian Italian 80’s kid, which I like to call: Orange-You Feeling Nostalgic.


1 tbsp mango-orange Sodastream syrup

1/2 cup organic orange juice

1 cup Sodastream soda water



Put the Lemon-Lime in the Coconut

For when you feel taking off to a tropical destination, but your budget keeps you in check.


1 cup coconut water

1 cup Sodastream carbonated water

juice from 1/2 lemon

juice from 1 lime

mint sprig for garnish


Fruity & Festive Spritz

Deck the halls with this recipe and keep them coming back for more! Fresh, fruity & festively appealing.

Rosemary Pommegrazz Spritz


Sodastream Raspberry Syrup

SodaStream carbonated water

Sprig of rosemary or mint (we used rosemary)



Of course, adding a little somethin’ somethin’ never hurts. Booze-free is simply our suggestion, but no one’s stopping you from kicking things up a notch or two 😉


Happy holidays!!

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